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Ten Tiny Turtles

More wildlife was photographed today — This time it was a “convention” of turtles – 10 of them sunning together on the bank of the lagoon. You’d think that turtles being slow moving would be easier to photograph, but it isn’t that way for me. They seem rather skittish of humans. Even from a good distance away, they sense your presence, and flop into the water without warning. As quietly as I could, I walked over to get the photo of them, but this is as close as I was able to get before four of them disappeared into the lagoon. I gather that turtles could be a gator snack, so I guess they need to be wary of sounds coming towards them…

365 photo #31

Bonus photo:

A coot swimming in a section of the lagoon that seems to have more green algae:

From Boneyard Beach, my friend and I went to Jarvis Park, which is really quite close to where I live – just across Rt. 278!.  I’ve only been there once for a picnic in May of last year.  That day was so hot that I wasn’t able to enjoy it, and have not had much interest in going back, thinking there was not much there.  Clearly I had not investigated the park further, because my friend said that it was a great place to see aquatic wildlife by the lake.  After our visit the other day, I’ll be going back again soon!  There’s a black top path that goes around the lake, giving one great views – and photo ops!

First cracker out of the box we SAW wildlife:

IMG_3752  IMG_3760

1.  An Anhinga drying his wings…!

2.  An alligator is lying in among the brush along the edge of the lake.  This is the second one we saw – and this is the youngest of the two we saw.  Clearly there is no swimming in this lake, but there is kayaking.  Not sure I’m so keen on kayaking, as I don’t want to be in the same body of water as an alligator in a boat that is as tippy as a kayak!

IMG_3776   IMG_3789

1.  Two wood storks that were a part of a grouping of them

2.  A turtle chilling on a mud flat thing on the lake.  They are very skittish, so you have to sneak up on them so they don’t get spooked and hop into the water!

IMG_3804   IMG_3808   IMG_3794

1.  A cormorant (I’m pretty sure) hanging out on a dock post.  I had wondered about this because I’m used to identifying cormorants by seeing them drying their wings.

2.  The lake’s edge – with either great egrets or ibis in the distance

3.  cherry blossoms!  They were in full bloom!

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