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It’s been a week since I’ve updated my 365 photos. All photos have been taken, but time to post has been at a premium.

Wednesday of last week’s photo was taken at the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament on the last day that cameras were allowed. It was the day of the pro-am, where one pro is paired with three amateurs. Ray and I found ourselves following John Daly, the golfer with a colorful personality, who also loves brightly colored, neon golf attire. I am finding myself intrigued with him, probably because he runs counter to the conservative, classic persona of the average golfer, and he appeals to my sometimes rebellious nature! He is the spokesperson for Loudmouth golf attire, and I’m always curious as to what he’ll be wearing each day. According to some of the volunteers of the tournament, he’s very cordial to fans. He made the cut this year, but ended up with a +3 – not “winners circle” material. But – he hasn’t lost his touch and gave us some of his legendary long drives. Yet – for such a long hitter, he has quite a “soft touch” around the green. I got some photos of him during the pro-am, which will be my 365 photo for last Wednesday, April 11th:

365 photo #102. John Daly on the 15th hole, wearing The Naughty Cards print pants.

Bonus photos from the tournament:

IMG_8370 IMG_8371
1. John Daly with his caddie and his girlfriend – wearing matching shorts!
2. Nice view off the 17th hole
IMG_8276 IMG_8379
1. As we were arriving at the tournament that day the guys who were sitting at the entrance saw me with a camera and pointed out a red tailed hawk in a tree very close by, and pointed it out to me – as well as to anyone who had a camera. I didn’t have my long 100-400 lens, but I can’t believe how well this photo turned out with my 18-200 lens! Why was he so tame? The guys wondered if there was a nest he was guarding. Poor hawk! He must have been nervous with all those people!
2. Media trucks — tall antennas for TV reception!

After that, cameras were not permitted at the tournament, so I had to get all my photos either prior to going up – or after we got home.


365 photo #103 – front yard landscaping as seen from the side – including a sego palm
365 photo #104 – sweet squirrel as seen through the sliding glass door.

365 photo #105 – simple flowering weeds by the edge of the lagoon. Sometimes the small and mundane is the most beautiful


365 photo #106 – bluebird – one who I believe is nesting in our bluebird box. I’ve been watching the box and see activity every day. It’s usually the male that flies in and out. I *think* this is the female, though.

Bonus photo:

Male bluebird looking out of the box – just before exiting. It’s difficult for me to photograph them, as they don’t hang out near the box long as they are going in or out.

365 photo #107 – female cardinal on our feeder

I have two more days of photos, but I think they deserve an entry all their own….!


For yesterday’s photo of the day, I had a variety to choose from, as, after church, Ray and I took a walk on our “Boneyard Beach”. It was a crystal clear day – though a little cool. I couldn’t figure out what to wear to be comfortable. In retrospect, my new fleece vest would have been perfect, as my fleece jacket was too much.

I traveled with only my 100-400 lens on my camera – determined to find and photograph some wildlife, and there was … some. Yesterday’s photo of the day is the elusive sand piper! They are so quick, and skittish around humans, making them difficult (for me) to photograph. There were groups of them in the water – and groups of them flying in chorus, but here is one that posed for me for a “milli” second – long enough to get this shot! *g*

365 photo #29

And — because I photographed so much more – here are a few bonus photos: (see larger by clicking them)

IMG_0177 IMG_0209
1. Great Blue Heron – on an oyster bed … fishing
2. These shells are everywhere on the beach

IMG_0216 IMG_0207
1. Mitchellville entrance to the beach — that’s Ray in the red
2. sea gulls – galore!

Today’s photo of the day is – again – the wiry squirrel, taken right out of our back sliding glass door. We have so many squirrels, that I suspect there will be many who will make the 365 photo project. This little guy stayed in this position on the tree for quite some time — long enough for me to run to the bedroom – grab my SD card (which was in my computer), put it in my camera, change the lens to the 100-400 mm and go back to snap this photo, and several more! Ray wondered if he was “sunning” himself – kind of like we humans like to sunbathe on the beach!

365 photo #30

Finally it was a crystal clear day today! It was a bit cooler, so the alligator didn’t appear, but the birds were active on our feeders, as well as inside the Camellia bush that serves as a “staging area” for them before and after they land on the feeders. I try to take photos of the birds when I’m outside, but they’re “onto” me – and hide. I don’t much like taking photos through the glass of the sliding glass door, but sometimes my best shot of birds come that way. Even then they are skittish of me even there, but less so.

Today’s photo is a House finch. check out the head of another finch further inside the bush:

365 photo #28

And, today we have two bonus photos – both taken on other days. There was a request for my squirrel photo from yesterday, so here it is, in addition to another taken a few days ago. I call them “squirrelybirds” because I suspect they wish they were birds so they would be more welcome on the feeders! They are cute, but would eat me out of seed if I let them! As always, click any photo to see it larger on my flickr site.

IMG_0136 IMG_0111
1. Squirrel photo taken yesterday on the patio as he surveys the seed that has fallen from the feeders.
2. Squirrel – peeking from behind the tree, as he comes down the tree.

I am not abandoning my 365 project just because of my postings about Operation Migration. Photos were still taken!

Yesterday’s photo is one of my “squirrelybirds”, as I sometimes call them. They hang out under my bird feeders to catch stray seeds which make their way to the ground. I have managed to find some good quality squirrel proof bird feeders from Wild Birds Unlimited, so they don’t eat me out of house and home as they were doing prior to that purchase. These feeders work on an interesting concept. They design the feeder to accommodate the weight of the birds who will frequent the feeder. However, squirrels are – ironically – too heavy. Should they jump onto the feeder to eat from it, the metal “cage”, which allows for an opening at each feeder hole falls “down” – closing up those holes to the hungry squirrel. Once the squirrel leaves, the cage returns – via a “spring” – back to it’s normal position where the feeder openings are open for the birds.

I enjoy watching the squirrels, but there is no way I am going to feed them – at least out of the feeders! I know those who feed them – but they are quite the little piggies! 🙂 Yet – I am glad that there are enough scraps from the birds to keep them coming around so I can enjoy them, and they clearly are not hurting for food!

365 photo #9

Today it has gotten cloudy as it’s preparing to rain – probably tonight and some of tomorrow. I went outside to see if there was any wildlife on the lagoon, and it’s so quiet. Where are my aquatic birds hanging out?? So – I went around to the front yard to take a photo of my favorite bush — a sego palm — planted in front of the house! There will be more photos taken of that bush during this calendar year for the 365 project, because macros of those branches appeal to me. This particular photo shows the palm “branch” intermixed with other bushes growing near it.

365 photo #10
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