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I’ve been a bit negligent on posting, but I have not neglected taking photos. So – to continue the photos of the day from where I left off….

The following photo – From Friday – is a simple one — a minuscule, delicate weed – barely noticeable, but oh so intricate and lovely. It’s the way life is — the smallest things are often beautiful, but it requires one to have an unhurried mindset to notice. It’s times like this when I wish I had a macro lens… I was also practicing using the manual setting on my camera and experimenting with some of the camera settings to see what combination would make a good photo. After several false starts – this is the one I kept:

365 photo #69

On the next day (Saturday) – Ray and I went up to Harbourtown, to get out and take advantage of the lovely day. We stopped in some of the shops, then walked past the Harbourtown Lighthouse onto the dock. On a pier wall next to the dock there were some pelicans sunning, which are Saturday’s 365 photo. I love the way some of them were sleeping — all curled up with their beaks in their feathers. While photographing the pelicans, I met another man there who was using the exact same 100-400 mm lens – also taking pelican pictures, too! I wonder how his turned out?

365 photo #70

Bonus photos (click to make them larger in Flickr):

IMG_7215 IMG_7212
1. a few of the shops in Harbourtown
2. The Harbourtown Lighthouse – as seen through the trees as we approached the dock.

IMG_7217 IMG_7248
1. kayaks along the edge of the water (Calibogue Sound)
2. a little gull on a post

On Sunday Ray and I went to Hilton Head’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, so my 365 photo will come from there. Here’s a leprechaun who started the parade:

365 photo #71

Bonus Photos:

IMG_7385 IMG_7438
1. I was SO not ready to take this shot, so this is as good as it got. It’s a cheer leading group, and they did all sorts of tricks along the route. To see it clearly, click to see it larger
2. reflections of parade goers in water by the side of the road. It wasn’t just the parade I photographed! 🙂

Today (or – considering the time I’m posting now – yesterday!) I took more photos of the azaleas which are at their peak now. This photo is of some white azaleas with the blurred background of the many colors of other azaleas and green leaves!:

365 photo #72

bonus photos:

IMG_7516 IMG_7525
Azaleas of many colors. The different color azaleas were planted together so that they now are intermixed!

More in the House…

This is not an exciting entry today, as I didn’t spend too much time taking photos today. The mood wasn’t there. Again, however, that is the essence of this 365 challenge – – to be able to do this, and to be creative despite “the blahs”.

Today’s photo is of a pretty clear glass ball with interesting “bubbles” inside of it that I have sitting on a bedside table. It sits on a green tile, which reflects into the glass ball, turning it green, too! It makes it a fun decorating item – as I can change it’s color depending upon where I have it sitting!

365 photo #43

Window Reflections

Today’s photo was purely an experiment. I’m not sure when, but the camera club will be having a photo competition on the topic of “windows”. We can interpret that in any way we want, and I’m trying to figure out which way to go with it.

I’m always intrigued by the reflections I can see through the windows as I stand outside looking in. In this photo you can see both the objects inside, as well as the reflections of the lagoon, the patio furniture, as well as other back yard things where these windows face. Of course I made sure that front and center there was a kitty (Misty) inside looking out. Do I like the result? Uh – probably not enough to submit it! The photo seems a bit cluttered to me, like there is too much going on. I need to experiment a little more with it – or go another route. However, I’m making it today’s photo because this is what I was doing with photography today.

365 photo #13

365 Photo #2

Yesterday I didn’t get outside to take photos and found myself at night with no photo taken for my photo of the day. Trust me — this will happen more often than I would like it to, as I’m quite the procrastinator – even when it comes to doing things I enjoy. However, when caught with little time, sometimes I find myself more creative than I might otherwise be. We have guests visiting us this week, and my friend Claire pointed out to me that my glass cat “nicknack” on the end table by the sofa was refracting the light from the Christmas tree. When we looked into the glass, you could see the Christmas tree upside down! I don’t know the scientific reason it appears that way, but I thought it to be an interesting photo. A few years ago Claire had taken a similar picture of their Christmas tree reflected upside down in the top of a glass jar. I thought I’d give that same type photo a try.

It was not an easy photo to take because the room was dark, with the only light in the room being from the Christmas tree. I messed with settings and took a number of experimental photos. Once I chose the best photo, I increased the levels and saturation and lowered the contrast and shadows in my photo editing program. And — by the way — the large lights above the glass cat head are blurred Christmas lights from the tree.

And — one more bonus photo, where I also experimented with settings, as well as some editing afterward:

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