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Calm Days

Life slowed down quite a bit after our trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I surely needed the slow down as so much of the previous days were spent traveling or in the car. My photos reflect the “calmness” of our days. It’s so nice to have relaxing “girlfriend” time…!

365 photo #160 Friday, May 8 – a beautiful Bromeliad plant which Terry and Claire have potted on their front porch. What a gorgeous flower. I had trouble duplicating the color of the flower, as my photos came out too dark, but with messing with some camera settings, as well as a bit of post editing, I think it is close to what I know it to be. I have found that often the color red is more difficult to take accurate to the actual shade it is in the world.

A few quick bonus photos from that day…

IMG_0559 IMG_0567
1. A female house finch – in staging area for the feeders at Claire’s house
2. a male cardinal – also in the staging area.

Claire and Terry are in the process of retiring from the Methodist ministry, and are moving from the parsonage of their last appointment into a house they purchased last December. One room, which will be their den is the staging area for packed boxes being brought over to their new house. The garage is another spot where they have boxes. There is unpacking yet to do….

365 photo #161 – Chaos from the moving process 😦 Remind me never … EVER … to move!! ~

On Sunday (yesterday) I attended services at the churches (it’s a Methodist circuit of 2 churches) from where Terry will be retiring. When leaving the second service, I took the time to take photos of the most gorgeous Tiffany style stained glass windows, as well as some of the ceiling light fixtures.

365 photo #162 – Sunday, June 10 – A portion of one of the stained glass windows

Bonus photos:

IMG_0597 IMG_0614
1. Ceiling light fixture
2. The top of one of the stained glass windows

I have not yet taken today’s 365 photo….!


The Savannah trip to see the Tall Ships was Ray’s and my last special event in Hilton before our trip north. The last two days were spent mostly packing and organizing, and photography had to take a back seat. But – I did manage to take photos on those days.

Sunday, May 6th was a Sunday, and after church – and before settling down to serious packing – I noticed a few more magnolia blooms were out. The tree is rarely covered because the squirrels get the blooms, smash them to the ground and I suppose find the seeds within. But – this one was still securely on the tree and just about ready to open:

365 photo #127

By the following day – Monday, May 7th – both Ray and I were mostly packed and our stuff was “staged” in the living room in readiness to load the cars. The idea was to get most of this done the day before we left, so we could leave pronto on Tuesday morning, May 8th. When I took this photo, a certain percentage of the luggage had already been packed in the cars, so you get an idea of the magnitude of what we transport each time we move from one abode to the other. I often wonder how we could cut back on the amount, but it doesn’t ever seem to happen….

365 photo #128

No bonus photos 😦

Next Stop — Eastern Long Island!

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