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I have returned from Pennsylvania and now have a little more time to post. It took some time to go through all my photos, edit them and get them uploaded, but that job is done now.

This was a bittersweet time. My mom is very ill – so critically ill that we all felt it necessary to go see her. She was in Abington Hospital in suburban Philadelphia for almost three weeks. Despite having been discharged to a skilled nursing care facility, she still remains ill, though stabilized. Over the course of her hospitalization, our family surrounded her, including grandchildren and one great grandchild. Despite the worry, stress and exhaustion we were feeling, it was also a time of family bonding. I took a photo each day and they are a visual way of documenting my time in PA with Mom. To conserve space because I have so many photos, they are all shown in a smaller size. However, you can click on any photo to see it larger in my Flickr account.

IMG_7632 IMG_7636
1. 365 photo #76 — A photo of the lagoon only a few minutes before we left Hilton Head on the day we were informed how sick mom was – and that we needed to come see her. A storm was brewing, and as we left town the most ferocious thunderstorm hit as we drove off of Hilton Head Island. It wasn’t lost on me that storms were brewing in my life, too….
2. 365 photo #77 — We stopped at a Hampton Inn in Fayetteville, NC that night – and the next morning I took a photo of the sunrise as we were leaving to go the rest of the way to Pennsylvania.

IMG_7669 IMG_7684
1. 365 photo #78 — In Mom’s hospital room there were some lovely flowers…. 🙂
2. 365 photo #79 — For the first 3 days in Pennsylvania, we stayed in the Garden Hilton Inn, and I took a photo of the room that night. It gave us our own space for a few days. However we moved over to my sister’s house and that was good, too – to be closer to family. I nearly forgot to take a photo that day, and this one was taken at nearly midnight!

IMG_7697 IMG_7723
1. 365 photo #80 — This is the view from Mom’s room, showing the York Road garage. It’s an “average” hospital room view, and at least she had a window. Some rooms do not, as they look out into the lobby
2. 365 photo #81 — More flowers in Mom’s room — an amyrillis which my brother brought with him shown against the window shade.

IMG_7727 IMG_7728
1. 365 photo #82 — A white board in mom’s hospital room. It gives staff information, like the name of the nurse and student nurse on duty, and the date. But – we wrote all over the board, too 🙂
2. 365 photo #83 — The tower on Abington Hospital — and it’s the hospital’s logo. This was taken after sunset as we were leaving the hospital.

IMG_7739 IMG_7806
1. 365 photo #84 — Since we were all in town, my siblings and I celebrated my sister’s 60th birthday — a few days early. We had dinner out together, then went back to my other sister’s house to have this delicious cake.
2. 365 photo #85 — An interesting stoplight – with trees in the background – on Susquehanna Road on our way home from the hospital. It was around sunset time when we took this photo.

IMG_7819 IMG_7820
1. 365 photo #86 — Again I nearly forgot to take a daily photo, and realized this as we were getting ready for bed. In the room where we stayed, my sister had this cute little tiger – and he made a nice photo!
2. 365 photo #87 — Mom’s room was in the Widener Building at Abington Hospital, and this is the lobby, as taken from the 2nd floor, where Mom was located. They have a great coffee shop there were I stopped daily to get a cup of flavored coffee to take up to the room with me.

IMG_7823 IMG_7830
1. 365 photo #88 — This was the day Mom was discharged by ambulance to the nursing facility. Our car was parked in the York Road Parking garage on the top level – and we could see the skyline of Philadelphia from that vantage point. As we were leaving to meet Mom at the nursing facility, I took this photo.
2. 365 photo #89 — On this day we left Philadelphia to return home to Hilton Head. We did the entire trip in one day, and when we arrived my first photo of the day was of my sweet Felix. I missed my kitties SO MUCH while we were gone… But – they were well taken care of by a good pet sitter.

365 photo #90 — This was our first full day at home – and I discovered that during our trip I had managed to break the glass of the filter over top of my 100-400 mm lens. I couldn’t unscrew it, and there was concern that I’d bent the filter, or – at worst, the lens itself. At the suggestion of the Best Buy Geek Squad, I got one of those rubberized “jar openers” and that did the trick – and the lens itself was not bent. Thankfully the broken glass of the filter did NOT scratch the lens and all is well. This photo — the first I took with that lens after realizing it probably was ok — is of some fungus growing around a stump of a downed tree.

I’m not caught up with my photos yet, but think that this is enough for one entry! More to come later…!



This blog is still up and running, despite the fact that I haven’t posted in quite a few days. Right now I’m in Pennsylvania with my 90 year old mom who is hospitalized and very ill. It was quite dire when we arrived, but things are better now. No – things will never be as they were, but what a difference a week makes. We will remain here for a few more days, unless something changes to require us to stay longer. And, at my mom’s age, and with her medical condition, that potential is there.

I continue to take photos each and every day, and, in a sense, they are documenting these days of my life. However, for the moment – while we are here — it is too time consuming to go through and edit, then upload the photos for sharing here. I’ll be back, though. For now, however, I need to focus on what is before me. This is an interesting time of life – – a transitional time within one’s family, and a very special family bonding time.

Life moves in many different ways, as life circumstances happen. Sometimes you live life. Sometimes you write about life. Sometimes those two can co-exist together. For right now I need to live fully – and allow writing to take a back seat.

In time I will be posting the photos I’m taking during these days, and will be back to writing. So … stay tuned!

Today I have been preoccupied. My mom – who is 90 years old – has been admitted to the hospital. I do not want to go into detail, as my family is private. The Internet and all it’s potential breaches of privacy are threatening to them. I mention them very little on this blog, and have had to be careful about what photos I make public on Flickr.

I’m about 800 miles away from my mom. And — suffice it to say — I’m nervous and a little scared, and feeling a tad introspective.

So … with this in mind, when a freak thunderstorm was about to arrive, I went out to take photos of the approaching storm. It’s kind of a metaphor for my life now, as I know there are storms ahead of me which I must weather. I sat outside (before it started to rain) and watched the approaching clouds get closer, and the rumbling thunder get louder. First it was sunny, which gave an eerie glow to the dark clouds and landscape. Then the sun went away. I drank some left over morning coffee – and immersed myself in “the calm before the storm”. While I was sitting there, the Great Blue heron, who has the nest in the nearby tree came back to his station, and began his nesting / mating call — that gravely moan I was talking about in a previous entry. It brought a sense of sadness over the earth – maybe a foreshadowing of things to come for me, though I hope not too soon.

this photo is taken while the sun was still shining on our lagoon, but the storm clouds were clearly marching closer.

365 photo #73
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