I wasn’t sure what was going to happen today. After having weather in the mid 70’s for the last few days, last evening we had storms which resulted in the temperature plummeted to the mid 50’s during the day today. In addition, it was windy, and after some brief sunshine, it got cloudy and a bit raw. Ray came back from errands and suggested a walk … somewhere. With the wind and raw weather, I wasn’t in the mood for the beach – so we went to Jarvis Creek Park – which is more inland and “protected”, and would be less windy. This park has a man made lake – surrounded by areas where people can play sports, have picnics, and a path that goes all the way around the lake. It’s an area that provides a good habitat for wildlife, and often there is lots to see and photograph. Best yet – it’s barely 3 miles from our house.

I wrote about Jarvis Creek Park last year during another walk there

My 365 photo will come from this walk – a juvenile ibis. An adult ibis is pure white with the orange beak and legs. The juvenile is brownish

365 photo #56

Lots more was in the park – so there are bonus photos:

IMG_1161 IMG_1165
1. This is the adult ibis
2. An alligator – who is kind of sunken into the muck along side of the lake. While I was taking the picture I wondered if there was a second gator. After I got the picture onto the computer, I saw the tail and lower end of the gator on the lower left corner of the photo. Looks like a piece of old tire to me! I was surprised to see them out, as they prefer to stay in the water when the weather is colder.

IMG_1164 IMG_1206
2. An anhinga … swimming with only his neck in view. Looks like a snake – and the word “anhinga” means devil bird or “snake” bird
2. Another anhinga – perched on a branch just above the edge of the lake.

Great egret