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Jarvis Creek Park

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen today. After having weather in the mid 70’s for the last few days, last evening we had storms which resulted in the temperature plummeted to the mid 50’s during the day today. In addition, it was windy, and after some brief sunshine, it got cloudy and a bit raw. Ray came back from errands and suggested a walk … somewhere. With the wind and raw weather, I wasn’t in the mood for the beach – so we went to Jarvis Creek Park – which is more inland and “protected”, and would be less windy. This park has a man made lake – surrounded by areas where people can play sports, have picnics, and a path that goes all the way around the lake. It’s an area that provides a good habitat for wildlife, and often there is lots to see and photograph. Best yet – it’s barely 3 miles from our house.

I wrote about Jarvis Creek Park last year during another walk there

My 365 photo will come from this walk – a juvenile ibis. An adult ibis is pure white with the orange beak and legs. The juvenile is brownish

365 photo #56

Lots more was in the park – so there are bonus photos:

IMG_1161 IMG_1165
1. This is the adult ibis
2. An alligator – who is kind of sunken into the muck along side of the lake. While I was taking the picture I wondered if there was a second gator. After I got the picture onto the computer, I saw the tail and lower end of the gator on the lower left corner of the photo. Looks like a piece of old tire to me! I was surprised to see them out, as they prefer to stay in the water when the weather is colder.

IMG_1164 IMG_1206
2. An anhinga … swimming with only his neck in view. Looks like a snake – and the word “anhinga” means devil bird or “snake” bird
2. Another anhinga – perched on a branch just above the edge of the lake.

Great egret


I’ve been busy over the last three days, but the photos have been taken and it’s finally time to post.

I have so many photos to choose from for February 22nd. My childhood friend, Connie visited for a day on her way to be with her daughter and family. I cherish these visits, as we have a lot of history … good history!. We may be separated for a year (or more) at a time, but when we get together, it’s like we never were apart. Conversation flows … and, that’s an understatement! 🙂 Plus – she travels with her white lab, Maggie. I’ve never been much of a dog person, but Maggie has won over my heart, not to mention that the cats did very well with her. There were a few “fluffed up” kitty moments with minimal hissing, but it was short lived, as Maggie doesn’t chase them. They always have time to quickly retreat to the safety of “high places” in the house.

Connie has a blog, too: View from the Empty Nest. It’s full of insights — the kind that come while walking Maggie! Many are thoughts I’ve always had, but I never “thought” to “think” them! (I know — that doesn’t quite make sense…!) Check it out — it’s a good read!

On the one full day Connie was with us, we looked for “photo ops” in beautiful spots, both at home and in the neighborhood. First there were some photo ops right on our lagoon. Then we went into Whooping Crane Conservancy. After a quick lunch, we took Maggie for a walk on Boneyard beach. As we drove there, we made a stop along the side of the road where there’s another lagoon and aquatic life often hang out. As I type, I still can’t decide which photo will be chosen for this. All I know is that I will include several bonus photos!

Ok – – here we go — an alligator in the swamp inside Whooping Crane Conservancy:

365 photo #53

And — of course there will be some bonus photos:

IMG_1045 IMG_1052
1. fall foliage lives on inside the Whooping Crane Conservancy…!
2. Ibis well hidden in the brush in Whooping Crane Conservancy

IMG_1019 IMG_1090
1. Ibis on the lagoon at home
2. I wonder what those cormorants see??

IMG_1073 IMG_1120
1. Anhinga – drying it’s wings
2. Maggie — such a sweet white lab — on the beach! 🙂

Connie left first thing the next morning – but I kind of remained sluggish, and didn’t get out for photos. Suddenly it was 10 p.m. and I hadn’t even picked up my camera – so yesterday’s photo is a wall hanging — something my son gave to me for Christmas one year. I love the haggard expression the kitty. Reminds me of me when I’m not in a good mood! 😉 When I was younger I had a photo copy of this picture taped to my refrigerator, which said “I have a handgun and PMS, any questions”. Kind of said it all!

365 photo #54

Today I looked to our cats for the photo. The weather started out ok, but it’s now reduced to rumbling thunderstorms and tornado watches…. This is Felix — “birding and squirreling” behind the draperies!:

365 photo #55

Bonus photo: On Tuesday night I won honorable mention in the camera club competition – category “windows”. It’s the first ever ribbon for me:

This isn’t the EXACT photo I submitted as it had to be resized just slightly for printing, and I enhanced the saturation a small amount, as well.

Yesterday was another day for a photo outing with a good friend. Our first destination was to a lighthouse I’d never realized was there, The Leamington Lighhouse. It’s been decommissioned and is not a working lighthouse, but up until 1932 it was — guiding ships into Port Royal Sound. It is located on Arthur Hills Golf course in the middle of a gated housing Community, Palmetto Dunes. However, non residents can go see it if they tell the person at the gate they want to go to the lighthouse, which is what we did. We got lost, despite directions at the gate, as the lighthouse is somewhat shielded from view by trees.

From there we decided to go into Sea Pines to have some lunch at The Salty Dog, a kind of touristy kind of place, but it’s lots of fun to “Play Tourist” sometimes! It was warm enough to eat out on the deck, as the temperature was probably about 70 degrees. Amazing for February 1st…!

We asked the waitress for directions to the ocean, and it was only across the street and a few blocks from there. Again, there was a nice boardwalk entrance to the beach – – which brings me to my 365 photo which was taken here. The day was crystal clear, and the ocean – and even the beach – had a slightly blue cast as the sky was reflected everywhere! It was also “sand piper, sea gull” day at this beach, and there were tons – all sunning themselves on the warm sand, or feeding in the surf:

365 photo #32

And … we have to have some bonus photos for yesterday to show the lighthouse, as well as more from the beach walk… As always to see the photos larger, you can click on the image to take you to flickr:

IMG_0258 IMG_0366IMG_0315 IMG_0326

Today’s photo of the day is taken ’round home — on “our” lagoon. Today was “ibis day” – -as there was a flock of them hanging out on both the golf course, as well as the lagoon edge. They were quite far away – so I decided to walk softly – and get closer:

365 photo #33

And — of course I have one bonus photo … of the entire ibis convention!


The last two days, I’ve headed out to get photos away from “home base”.

Yesterday a photo friend and I went to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge. I had never been, and was not sure what it would be like. We arrived and found that it was about a four mile drive, with scattered places to park along the way so you can get out with your cameras and binoculars. I don’t know if there were paths for walking other than the road, but didn’t see any. Basically it’s a huge area of “lowcountry”: swampy land, trees, bushes, and basically pristine areas for birds and animals to live. I find it interesting that as you look over the flat marsh, you can see Savannah industry in the distance. I worry a little about the water quality, and I guess there are / have been issues.

As we were driving around, we bumped into a grouping of cars which turned out to be an Audubon group from Hilton Head. They all had their fancy binoculars and bird identification books, talked “BirdSpeak”, and had spotted lots of birds which I would have never seen without their help. Next time I go, I will have binoculars of my own! One of those things this group has spotted was a bald Eagle, which is my photo of the day for yesterday. He was high in the tree, and even with my 100-400 lens, it is not a close up. Plus – he was sort of hiding behind parts of the tree. But – I’m always thrilled to get a picture of one of these majestic birds:

365 photo #20

We soon broke away from the Audubon group to do our own thing. Besides the Bald Eagle, we also saw: (to become my bonus photos for yesterday. Click them to see them larger in my flickr account)

IMG_9921 IMG_9949
1. Great Blue Heron … becomes part of this branch!
2. Red Tailed Hawk (I think)

IMG_0006 IMG_9967
1. Ibis
2. Loggerhead Shrike – whose beauty gives little clues to his predatory behavior. As taken from Wikipedia: “The bird waits on a perch with open lines of sight and swoops down to capture prey. Its food is large insects and lizards . Known in many parts as the “Butcher Bird,” it impales its prey on thorns or barbed wire before eating it, because it does not have the talons of the larger birds of prey.”

IMG_9974 IMG_9911
1. duck – I do not know the kind
2. Coot (There were SO MANY of them!!)

Today Ray and I decided to go over to Beaufort – about a 45 minute drive from Hilton Head. It’s an historic southern town known for it’s antebellum architecture. The town is full of boutiques, although with the economy as it is, there are more empty stores than we remember in previous years. It’s also a military town with Parris Island and the Marine Corps air station not far away. Ray and I enjoy going over there — usually for lunch, and to walk around town, as well as the park behind the shops which abut the marina and river. I didn’t take too many photos this time, but the view of Main Street as we exited the parking lot in town is my photo of the day:

365 photo #21

Bonus photo:

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