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Let’s see if I can catch up … only to get behind again!

Tomorrow I’m leaving on yet another trip. Due to needing to go to PA because of my mom’s illness in March, I was unable to visit my good friend, Claire in North Georgia. At that time we were planning to do a spring piano / flute concert in her church. She ended up doing the concert alone, and I can’t redo that experience. However, I can finally do a visit, and I am leaving for her house tomorrow. Among other interests we share, we both are photography enthusiasts, so I will have lots of different photos to share for my daily 365 photo during my visit. I”m looking forward to the change of scenery and some different kinds of photos from a different area. Claire lives in a beautiful area, so who knows what my subjects will be for my photos!!

But – before I do – I am going to finally catch up on the photos that are not yet posted…

365 photo #150 – (May 29) – House Finch in the black pine staging area for the feeders.

Bonus photos:

IMG_0110 IMG_0119
1. Grackle – kind of a bully bird. I feed the birds only safflower seeds mainly because the grackles don’t much like it so they are less likely to be around to bully the smaller birds. However, they try…!
2. Male Cardinal in the black pine “staging area” of the bird feeders.

365 photo # 151 (May 30) – a gorgeous sunset which gave the world an orange glow for a bit!

365 photo #152 (May 31) – I believe these are crabapple blossoms which grow wild around our yard and neighborhood.

365 photo #153 – (June 1) Misty lying on her fleece mat which we have placed on the couch above our head as we’re sitting. I will miss my kitties when I’m gone…

Bonus photo:

I must include Felix if I’ve shown Misty! 🙂

365 photo #154 (June 2) – Female cardinal hanging out on an old wrought iron railing that was placed there after being removed a very long time ago. I had forgotten it was there until I saw Mrs. Cardinal there that day. I can’t believe it hasn’t been pitched, as it was from a patio that has long since been transformed.

Bonus photos:

IMG_0289 IMG_0274
1. Red winged blackbird — Sometimes they are “bully birds” to the smaller birds, but they are so pretty, I think.
2. Dove

IMG_0266 IMG_0293
1. White Rhododendron. The white ones are the last to bloom, so these flowers are almost done for the season. They are so pretty and am always sad when they’re done blooming.
2. The white rhododendron bush

Yesterday I made a point of going down the street to where I’ve noticed a vacant field that’s had numerous wildflowers planted. I don’t know who owns the field and why they are planting these flowers. I think it’s a future development – but it is really pretty. I stopped by to take some close up and landscape photos of the field while it’s so pretty. I don’t know what many of the flowers are…

365 photo #155 (June 3) I don’t know what this purple flower is, but blurred in the background is a large area of wild daisies.

Bonus photos:

IMG_0311 IMG_0326

IMG_0375 IMG_0364

IMG_0378 IMG_0369

365 photo #156 (June 4) – suitcase packed — ready to go tomorrow morning – pronto! It was not much of a photo day today…

And — that brings me up to date. I don’t know how well I can keep this up while I’m gone, but there will be photos for those days to post later….



I took a few more photos on May 17th – so there will be bonus photos! I usually include them when I have trouble deciding what photo to choose on any given day.

That day was the first day for photos of the feeders that had been recently put out. It took a little while for the birds to find them, but once they did, they have come in droves as they fight over the precious few feeder holes! I feed my birds only safflower seed, as the grackles, blue jays, and red winged black birds don’t like that all that much. I found if I used a mixed seed, I had to add seed to the feeders at least twice a day! Now … that’s too much — and too expensive, too! A few days ago, I decided to add another feeder so that the food will last a few days before having to restock their food.

So — my photo of the day will be one of a male and female house finch posing on top of the feeder:

365 photo #138 (May 17)

Bonus photos

IMG_9744 IMG_9753
1. “The early bird catches the worm” — Robin in our back yard
2. A carpenter bee. This bee flies so slowly that I was able to focus on him in the air and get him pretty clear. Unfortunately we are going to have to get pest control for them because they are making their nests in our deck’s foundation – boring holes there, which is not good for health of our deck. (click this photo to see it larger)

IMG_9714 IMG_9746
1. Blue jay enjoying seed below the feeders. They may be bullies to the smaller song birds, but they sure are pretty!
2. Red winged black bird – WAY high in a tree. I’m noticing that there is a bird (either a blue jay or red winged black bird) up there almost all the time. It’s like “their” perch. (click this photo to see it larger)

365 photo #139 (May 18) — another rhododendron bud about to bloom.

Bonus photos:

IMG_9772 IMG_9768
1. Our driveway
2. One of our rhododendron bushes – in nearly full bloom

365 photo #140 (May 19th) Today was Male Cardinal day – as I saw so many around the feeders and the trees nearby. This one was waiting for an empty feeder hole to catch a bite…

Bonus photos:

IMG_9802 IMG_9835
1. Cardinal in another nearby tree
2. And one on the ground under the feeder area finding seed there.

And … I’ll stop for now – and continue my update later.

I’m headed for PA tomorrow morning for the funeral of my uncle, but will just be staying one night. Yes — my mom’s brother died last week at age 97 😦 He was an amazing man: a scientist, an author, an artist, a sculptor, a birder, and a husband, father, brother, grandfather and great grandfather. He’s worth his own blog entry about his rich and full life. But – I am not sure about family privacy issues, so I’ll leave it at that. Just know he’ll be missed, especially by his wife, and that we truly are celebrating his life. My photos will continue – and hope they will chronicle those days…

I have four 365 photos to post today which will “catch me up”.

Over the last two weeks I have been noticing some difficulty with left my wrist and hand. I’m not exactly sure when it began, but it appears to me and my amateur diagnosis to be a little carpel tunnel. I have been unsure as to how I got it, and my first thought was typing – as I spend a lot of time on the computer. However, I’m not so sure, although, at this point, typing can’t be helping it either. At this point, I think it’s from holding my camera so tightly — especially when I have my heavy 100-400 mm lens on – which I do so much of the time, as that is my main means of getting my wildlife shots. I believe that I hold my left hand under the lens to steady it in such a manner that it remains in a difficult “bent” or “twisted” position for too long. Plus — my muscles are held “taut” – also for way too long for it to be good for them.

It got worse the day after I returned from the Daufuskie Island trip, which was a “red flag” since I’d spent about 4 hours non stop with the camera. Since then I have tried to reduce the time with my camera. As you can imagine this is not easy for me, as I love photography. I now have a wrist / hand brace, which holds it steady so it won’t twist or bend, and I think that is going to help me so I can continue doing what I love, though I know I still must cut back. I have to work out a good way to hold the camera with it on, however. Today’s photos were taken with a much lighter lens, and have not experimented with larger lens yet. The pain is not awful, but I also don’t want it to GET awful!

I am not giving up my 365 project — With that in mind — these are the latest 365 photos:

365 photo # 109 — A house finch. And — I didn’t realize there was a second one there until I got this photo onto the computer!IMG_8655
365 photo #110 — We truly DO have a bluebird nest in our bluebird box in our back yard. This is Mrs. Bluebird bringing in a worm — probably for babies inside. After I snapped this photo, he went right in with the worm.

365 photo #111 — Mr. Cardinal in the grass in our back yard. I am watching the male cardinals being very feisty around each other. I think that is quite territorial when they are nesting. there are also some female cardinals around, too and I would love to get a another photo of the male feeding the female as I did a few years ago right on our patio with one of the seeds from our feeder!

365 photo #112 — Sego palm branch – a study in “green”. I know I have done this before, but each photo is unique in it’s own way. 🙂

Finally it was a crystal clear day today! It was a bit cooler, so the alligator didn’t appear, but the birds were active on our feeders, as well as inside the Camellia bush that serves as a “staging area” for them before and after they land on the feeders. I try to take photos of the birds when I’m outside, but they’re “onto” me – and hide. I don’t much like taking photos through the glass of the sliding glass door, but sometimes my best shot of birds come that way. Even then they are skittish of me even there, but less so.

Today’s photo is a House finch. check out the head of another finch further inside the bush:

365 photo #28

And, today we have two bonus photos – both taken on other days. There was a request for my squirrel photo from yesterday, so here it is, in addition to another taken a few days ago. I call them “squirrelybirds” because I suspect they wish they were birds so they would be more welcome on the feeders! They are cute, but would eat me out of seed if I let them! As always, click any photo to see it larger on my flickr site.

IMG_0136 IMG_0111
1. Squirrel photo taken yesterday on the patio as he surveys the seed that has fallen from the feeders.
2. Squirrel – peeking from behind the tree, as he comes down the tree.
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