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After the 4th of July, it was time to pack for a quick trip to Hilton Head to pick up Ray’s 2003 t-bird, which was still down there, and needed to come back to New York to be inspected. On July 6th we drove south together to accomplish this task. This would not be a long trip, and definitely was not considered a “vacation”. We planned only to spend two days there to rest up before returning north again, with Ray driving the t-bird and me driving our Ford Edge. Of course I took the time to take some photos while we were there…

IMG_1571 IMG_1573 IMG_1584
1. Front Yard – Hilton Head Island
2. Sego Palm branch
3. Sego Palm

We didn’t do all that much during the two days there in order to rest for our return trip. The weather was hot — triple digit hot — so we limited our outside activities unless absolutely necessary. However, I connected with my friend, Kim – and we took a sunset photo walk on a beach up in Sea Pines the night before we left. It was hot and humid – even at that hour of the day, but the breeze was stiff which tempered the heat.

However, I ran into an interesting problem when I tried to take photos. The temperature and humidity difference between the air conditioned house and car and the hot sticky beach was great and my camera’s lens totally fogged up – – so much so that when it was at it’s worst, there was no way the camera would auto focus on anything. When I looked through the camera, it was like looking through my own foggy eye glasses when there is a change in temperature from cold to warm, so I understood what was going on. It’s not as if this was the first time this has happened to me with a camera, either. However, it seemed to take an unusually long time for the lens to finally right itself. Kim wasn’t having issues, and was taking photos, which worried me some. I didn’t know if I should intervene and clean it – but my instinct told me not to mess with that inner lens – especially on a windy, sandy beach where sand particles could get inside. Thankfully, right before the sunset, it finally cleared out – – just in time!

Here are pictures as taken through the foggy lens once it would auto focus:

IMG_1586 IMG_1588
1. The first picture my camera took with foggy lens of sea debris
2. Oddly beautiful — eerie – facing into the sun.

IMG_1595 IMG_1602
1. Professional photographers often use the beach as a backdrop for formal family photos, and this family is organizing for their picture. I think the choice of turquoise is nice contrast to the color of the sand.
2. The water is “liquid gold”!

The Sunset
IMG_1611 IMG_1617
Sunset – far away and close up

If you wish to see any of my photos larger, click on them to see them in Flickr.


Yet again I’ve allowed myself to get way behind on the posting of my photos, and will try to catch up now. I admit – I missed taking a photo during one of the days during this time. Much has happened since I last posted. I’ve returned from a wonderful visit to my friends Claire and Terry. While there, I attended the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church on the day that the new retirees made 3 minute speeches capsulizing their ministries. Terry is now retired, and I was there and took photos while he spoke and Claire stood next to him. It was a moving experience to be a part of their transition to “retired status”.

We also had dinner in a Japanese steak house at their hibachi grill and on another day we went to “Mark of the Potter” gift shop to check out their hand crafted pottery. But, most of all, I just enjoyed being with Claire and Terry in their lovely new home which they purchased a few months ago for their retirement years. It’s beautiful and a house which just screams “I’m home” when you’re inside. It’s also not far from a National forest so birds and wildlife are never far. At dusk it’s not uncommon to see deer scampering through the yards in the neighborhood.

Now that I’m home, it’s back in mundane routine. There are days when I am at a loss as to what to photograph, as I fear I’m repeating myself. Same subject, just different day. Maybe I am, but often the second photograph reveals something new I didn’t see the first time, so there is nothing wrong with that, either. there also have been days I’ve not been in the mood to take photos, but that is also part of the process – to push myself even when I don’t want to bother. On one day my photo was taken close to midnight.

So … with that – I’ll pick up where I left off:

365 photo #163 (June 11). This was one of the nights we went to the Japanese Restaurant “Kiku’s” – and I took pictures during the show. This is taken when the chef piles onion slices in the shape of a volcano, and then lights it to allow smoke and flames to come from inside so it truly appears like an erupting volcano. You can see our main course is also cooking at the same time!

365 photo #164 (June 12) – EPIC FAIL. No photo taken

365 photo #165 (June 13) – This was the day we were at the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. This was a globe from a world missions booth. The dove is a symbol of peace, and the globe has Africa facing the outward. I took many photos of Claire and Terry but not sure they should be posted, as they were taken particularly for them.

365 photo #166 (June 14) – this photo was taken at “Mark of the Potter”, which is located right along a flowing stream. In fact there is a balcony in the shop that looks over this stream. What a beautiful setting!

Bonus photos for this day:

IMG_0981 IMG_0975
1. The rushing stream
2. I love this sign 🙂 It pretty much gets the message across from the trout’s point of view!

IMG_0811 IMG_0935
Both photos were taken near Claire’s feeders outside her front door…
1. male goldfinch
2. female cardinal

365 photo #167 (June 15). I left Claire and Terry’s on this day and this photo is taken at the Hampton Inn motel where I stayed that night. I was on the 4th floor – and it was an interesting view at sunset. Sometimes high tension wires can be photogenic!

Bonus photos from the motel:

IMG_0991 IMG_1002
1. view as a whole from my room
2. purple clouds of sunset – also from the room.

365 photo # 168 (June 16) – These are the coffee mugs I purchased from “Mark of the Potter”. I love the shape, and they are very comfortable to hold, not to mention that they hold a lot of coffee, which is a requirement for a coffee mug for me!

I just checked – and according to my camera, I technically took this photo at 12:03 a.m. on June 17, but I’m going to count it as June 16th!

365 photo #169 (June 17). Periodically I must make sure the kitties are subjects for the photo of the day. This is Felix lying on one of his favorite beds, on the back of the couch where we’ve placed their fleece beds. 🙂

365 photo #170 (June 18) Late afternoon sun looking out over our front yard. You can see the shadow of the top of the house on the lawn at the bottom of the photo, plus our arbor vitae, and the birch tree to the right in the photo.

365 photo #171 (June 19) – male and female cardinal ground feeding under the feeders.

Two bonus photos of male cardinals near the bird feeders out back:

IMG_1101 IMG_1073

365 photo #172 – (June 20). This is not that great a photo, as I had to take it out a rather dirty window. the deer is at the edge of our property all set to dart away through the bushes. If I’d tried to go out, I’m sure this very skittish deer would have been long gone and the photo would never have happened. I messed with contrast and saturation to make it a bit more clear, but it still feels a bit distorted. At dusk we have so many deer who frequent our yard. The hedge in front of our house has been pretty much decimated by the deer this year, and we have to do something about planting something else — making sure it’s something deer don’t like to eat!

365 photo #173 (June 21) Our hydrangea is beginning to come out!! More photos will come later of these!

365 photo #174 (June 22 – yesterday) I was not in the mood for photography yesterday and I don’t know why. So – later in the evening I took a photo of the soda I was drinking – black cherry Fresca. It’s my favorite flavor. Sadly it’s next to impossible to get in Hilton Head. I bring down a few 12 packs, and then drink it sparingly while we’re there.

365 photo #175 (June 23 – today). This is a view of our side yard (I’m standing in the front yard) showing the brick walkway which goes up to the front of our house, and a section of our driveway. It was a gorgeous day today!

And – that completes the photos – – until tomorrow, of course. Until then….!

I’m beginning to worry that my pictures will start to get boring, as I repeatedly use the same subjects for my photos. I realize that’s an occupational hazard if one is taking photos every day. Yesterday’s photo is one of these times, as I — yet again — have a photo of a great blue heron. These majestic birds seem to be the ones populating our lagoon area the most. And, they seem to be the easiest to photograph as they aren’t as skittish. We do have ibis, egrets, and, of course those ospreys who are repairing their nest in preparation for eggs. And – I could also take a photo of a “crow-a-day” if wanted.

This great blue heron was not up a tree as the one of a few days ago. Instead, he was standing on one end of our lagoon – fishing – intently – as they usually are. I decided to quietly walk closer to him – as close as he’d allow, and took photos periodically as I got nearer. He was so engrossed on finding “dinner”, that he wasn’t paying much attention to me, and was able to get close enough so that he’s large in my photo.

365 photo #50

Bonus photos:

IMG_0969 IMG_0944
1. This is the edge of the lagoon shoreline where are back yard faces.
2. Another shot of “Big Blue” (as I call him)

Today I was not in the mood for photography, and the day got away from me. Guess I was kind of sluggish about a lot of things, as I accomplished little, except to get a photo print matted, and it’s digital equivalent electronically submitted for the camera club competition tomorrow. (I have never mounted or matted a photos, so I hope I did it ok.)

Suddenly it was dusk, and I had not taken a photo, so I quickly snapped this of our dining area off the kitchen. This is the lagoon view from two of the five sliding glass doors which face that way. Oh yes … I know we are blessed! 🙂

365 photo #51

In the house…

For the last two days, I haven’t been out to take photos. I didn’t feel well yesterday. Not quite sure what was wrong, but I felt bloated and “unsettled” and very tired like I could have taken a nap at any given time. I’m much better today, and Ray and I decided to go to Savannah to see a craft show, “Springtime Made in the South”. It’s this huge convention center full of craft booths – and wonderful vendors. I always find something to purchase – this time a BEAUTIFUL mosaic mirror (which I don’t know, as of now, where I will hang it), as well as a few barrettes for my hair and hand crafted mechanical pen and pencil.

So — yesterday’s photo is of some of my “fireplace kitties”, which had originally belonged to my mother in law. I don’t know where she got most of them, but some were gifts from their Long Island neighbor for doing some pet sitting. The larger cat in this photo is made out of paper mache, I think. When my inlaws lived in the house here in Hilton Head (yes – this house used to belong to my them!) – she had it on the kitchen bar counter as a nicknack. Many of the other cats resided on her fireplace hearth in their house on Long Island, and now live on ours.

365 photo #41

Bonus photos … a few more of the kitties:

IMG_0760 IMG_0751

Today, after returning home from the craft show, the sun was about to set and was shining low into the west window, putting a wonderful glow on the counter top bar stools. These stools were procured by my inlaws from a restaurant – Billy’s Triple Crown – in Bridgehampton, Long Island, which was remodeling at the time they were building this house in 1986. They are really unique – with a leather seat that swivels (my father in law may have had that redone), not to mention old chewing gum that is now permanently embedded underneath them!! I don’t know if they were given to my father in law – or if he purchased them, but he transported them down here and they were installed when the house was built. I love them and the retro feel they give the room!

365 photo #42
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