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Golf and Flowers

The last two days I’ve focused on flowers as my 365 photo subjects. It’s summer – floral color is everywhere and I must take advantage!

Yesterday I played golf for the first time in nearly a year. I am not a fan of the game, but my husband and son are, and my in-laws were. It was inevitable that at some point I would be drawn into the game. When my son was young, the amount of time he and his father played together, leaving me at home by myself, made me realize that if I wanted more family time with them, I’d have to take up this game myself. I enjoyed my alone time, but I also missed them. So – I took up golf – admittedly a bit grudgingly. Unlike our son, who was a natural at the golf swing, I had to work at it, take many lessons, and practice, practice, practice. It was also a game which made me nervous, as a speedy “pace of play” is expected so one does not hold up the group behind you. When one is learning and not hitting the ball well, that is difficult. While learning the game, I felt “watched”, and I worried I was being criticized from players behind me for holding them up – so much so, that I was often reduced to tears, and my golf got even worse! I wanted to quit, but persevered because my family wanted me to play. Ultimately I got good enough so that some of this nervousness subsided, and I actually began to like the game, although I’ve never had a love affair with it either. I still am not much of a player, and my golf handicap – which is a 36 – has actually gotten worse over the last year, mostly due to lack interest, which translated into lack of play. The reality is that my interest in photography has increased at the same rate that my interest in golf has decreased! But – I still can keep up and manage to play the game without embarrassing myself … most times.

I am a member of the 18 hole women’s association, but this year I have not played … until yesterday. I’ve been avoiding it, but so many have asked where I’ve been that I thought I’d best appear on the scene!

The tournament yesterday was to benefit the Ellen Hermanson breast Center at Southampton Hospital. $20. got you into the tournament, and there were winners in 4 different “flights” (handicap levels). Each participant got a goody bag with a t-shirt, golf tees, pen and post-it notes – all in pink! The day was crystal clear, very cool (requiring a wind shirt) and very windy. The wind was a major distraction, but I managed to hold my own, and won a gorgeous hanging flowering plant for winning my flight! 🙂

Considering the lengthy amount of time since I’d played before, I was surprised but very pleased! Yet, in reality, there is a phenomenon whereby one often does much better the first time one plays after a long hiatus. One has fewer expectations to play well. One is simply glad to hit the ball ok as much as possible. More importantly, the critical voices in your head telling you every little thing that is wrong with your golf swing are less vocal. In that first game, you simply rely on body memories to accomplish the golf swing. Now … if I could silence those voices during my next game, I would be happy!

So – – today’s photo will be what I won – – the (pink – the breast health color) flowering plant, which now hangs out on the over hang on our deck:

365 photo #178. I admit – – I do not know what this flower is – and I pray I can keep this alive. I’m known to be a “plant killer” – though not intentionally! If I find out the name of the plant, I’ll add it here.

Bonus photos … some of the individual flowers:

IMG_1169 IMG_1167

Will this little winning motivate me to play more? I kind of doubt it. However, it did remind me that I still *can* play, and I’m sure I’ll play “sometimes”. I did sign up for next week’s tournament, but because of travel during the month of July, I won’t be able to play until August. In hot, humid weather, I count the holes until the game is over, and yesterday’s game was anything but that. So — we’ll see how it goes as time moves forward…

Today’s photo are more of our hydrangeas. They are more nearly in full bloom and are becoming very pretty:

365 photo #179

Bonus photos:

IMG_1185 IMG_1195

Hydrangeas are interesting flowers in that with some varieties their floral color is – I believe – based upon the level of acidity in the soil. We do nothing to our soil, so our mostly dark blue flowers tell us that our soil is naturally acidic. The more blue the flower, the more acidic the soil. Yet – we also have shades of pink in some of the flowers, and in some blooms both colors are represented. It makes for a very pretty bush!

I admit — I am a little sentimental about this hydrangea bush. It was given to me by Ray’s Rotary Club on the occasion of my father’s death in 1988. So – I think of him when I enjoy the blooms.


It’s been a week since I’ve updated my 365 photos. All photos have been taken, but time to post has been at a premium.

Wednesday of last week’s photo was taken at the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament on the last day that cameras were allowed. It was the day of the pro-am, where one pro is paired with three amateurs. Ray and I found ourselves following John Daly, the golfer with a colorful personality, who also loves brightly colored, neon golf attire. I am finding myself intrigued with him, probably because he runs counter to the conservative, classic persona of the average golfer, and he appeals to my sometimes rebellious nature! He is the spokesperson for Loudmouth golf attire, and I’m always curious as to what he’ll be wearing each day. According to some of the volunteers of the tournament, he’s very cordial to fans. He made the cut this year, but ended up with a +3 – not “winners circle” material. But – he hasn’t lost his touch and gave us some of his legendary long drives. Yet – for such a long hitter, he has quite a “soft touch” around the green. I got some photos of him during the pro-am, which will be my 365 photo for last Wednesday, April 11th:

365 photo #102. John Daly on the 15th hole, wearing The Naughty Cards print pants.

Bonus photos from the tournament:

IMG_8370 IMG_8371
1. John Daly with his caddie and his girlfriend – wearing matching shorts!
2. Nice view off the 17th hole
IMG_8276 IMG_8379
1. As we were arriving at the tournament that day the guys who were sitting at the entrance saw me with a camera and pointed out a red tailed hawk in a tree very close by, and pointed it out to me – as well as to anyone who had a camera. I didn’t have my long 100-400 lens, but I can’t believe how well this photo turned out with my 18-200 lens! Why was he so tame? The guys wondered if there was a nest he was guarding. Poor hawk! He must have been nervous with all those people!
2. Media trucks — tall antennas for TV reception!

After that, cameras were not permitted at the tournament, so I had to get all my photos either prior to going up – or after we got home.


365 photo #103 – front yard landscaping as seen from the side – including a sego palm
365 photo #104 – sweet squirrel as seen through the sliding glass door.

365 photo #105 – simple flowering weeds by the edge of the lagoon. Sometimes the small and mundane is the most beautiful


365 photo #106 – bluebird – one who I believe is nesting in our bluebird box. I’ve been watching the box and see activity every day. It’s usually the male that flies in and out. I *think* this is the female, though.

Bonus photo:

Male bluebird looking out of the box – just before exiting. It’s difficult for me to photograph them, as they don’t hang out near the box long as they are going in or out.

365 photo #107 – female cardinal on our feeder

I have two more days of photos, but I think they deserve an entry all their own….!

I’m not sure what has happened to me, but I’ve gotten bogged down with this blog.  I’m having some trouble determining just why, especially because I think about writing here at some point every day.  But I don’t.  Even though I can’t say that I’m gifted in “written expression”, it’s in my blood.  When I’m unable to do it for a few days, I get antsy – longing a block of uninterrupted time to immerse myself into putting my thoughts and feelings into sentences and paragraphs.

I have another blog besides this – a more personal one on Live Journal, which is locked to “friends only” which allows me to write about things which might not be appropriate to be public on the internet.  However, even that one has suffered over these several weeks.

With that being said – I’m playing catch up in this entry.

Since I last wrote, I’ve had two sets of house guests, and outings with friends which have given me great opportunity for photography.  Also, Ray and I went to the Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament at Harbourtown Golf Links, and I have photos from the pre-tournament days of Harbourtown, itself as well as some of the tournament, itself  (One cannot take photos during tournament play)

Where to begin?

Maybe that’s why I’m not updating?  Overwhelm.  If I don’t know how to start, I run, thinking at some future time I’ll know.  Sometimes you just have to begin….

The Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament

the Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament is played each year in mid-April Harbourtown Golf Links up in Sea Pines on Hilton head Island.  This year it was from April 12 – 18.  It’s been a long standing tournament, begun in 1969, and won in it’s first year by Arnold Palmer.  At first, it was played in late November, but later was changed to this time slot, as this is more the golf season.

The first part of the tournament is devoted to practice rounds, and two Pro-am tournaments, a lesser one on Monday and a more “important” (read: more expensive to play) one on Wednesday.  Tuesday is Youth Day and more practice play, as well.  The atmosphere is more casual from Monday – Wednesday, and cameras are allowed on the course then — and I didn’t miss that opportunity.

Ray and I tend to only go up for afternoon play, so, in general, we would leave the house at about 11 a.m. or noon to arrive at the course about noon or 1 p.m.  Because parking at the golf course site would be too unwieldy for that many spectators, they have about 5 large parking areas in another area designated for parking, and large Greyhound size buses take you to the Harbourtown shopping area where it’s an easy walk to the golf course.

As we walked to the course, I always took photos of Harbourtown, the lighthouse, the  marina, etc….

IMG_7998 IMG_8000 IMG_7846

1.  The shopping area of Harbourtown, all decked out for spring with Geraniums, etc.  The lighthouse and a little of the marina is also visible in this photo
2.  The Liberty Oak — benches to sit when there are concerts.  As we were leaving on several days, we’d see bands setting up to play there.  Ray’s parents used to live up in the Harbourtown area when and when we’d visit, we’d occasionally go up for a concert that would be under the Liberty Oak.
3.  The Harbourtown Lighthouse.  This lighthouse is sort of a disappointment to me.  I’m not even sure it’s a working lighthouse, but only built for “show”.  Again — not sure about this, but Ray and I have nicknamed it “The Tin Lighthouse” because it seems so “cheap” in comparison to the Montauk Point Lighthouse near us on Long Island

Got Yachts?

IMG_8002 IMG_7999

1.  This is one of the two huge yachts that we’d see daily along the way.  As I was passing this yacht and taking a picture of it, this man stopped me to point out the name of it:  “Pa-li-ne”.  If you click on this picture to see it larger in Flickr, you will see the name more clearly.  His humorous suggestion was to remove the E off the end – and guess whose yacht it would belong to then?  *shaking head*
2.  Another huge yacht docked right beside the Liberty Oak.  As far as yachts go, many turn into party boats late in the afternoon on tournament days – and all can view the festivities as you walk by!

The walk to – and from – the course was always pretty.  I know I annoyed Ray with my constant stopping to snap pictures.  But – oh well *g*

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