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There was a brief break in the clouds today, and I took advantage when I noticed a great blue heron intently fishing by the side of the lagoon. It was close enough to the house for me to creep up on him to get more of a close up. I got him opening his mouth — not sure why — but it was right before he took off. I probably got too close…

365 photo #48

Two bonus photos:

IMG_0911 IMG_0913
1. The great blue heron flies away. This is best seen at “original size” – so click to see it in Flickr
2. Update on the daffodils. they are blooming – but not as well as last year. The other, larger patch of daffodils are not blooming at all, and I wonder if the squirrels are getting the blooms as fast as they come out! It looks like the blooms have been “nipped” off… In this photo you can see the lagoon in the background

Each day I check the yard to see if my daffodils are blooming, and it was yesterday when I first noticed there were some. At this point, there are only 3 blooms in our yard: two on one side of the back yard, and one on the other, so I took pictures for the 365 photo. It’s early for them, but, as I’ve said before, this winter’s weather has been unseasonably warm, and Saturday and Sunday were in the mid 70’s, which probably pushed the blooms to come out a little early. Check out last year’s entry of daffodils which were only a little bit ahead of this years – but the photos were taken on February 18th and 20th — close to 2 weeks later!

365 photo #36

Today – Monday – the our weather turned gray and damp. It never rained, and got markedly cooler, never getting out of the 50’s. I know these temperatures are warm for many in the north, as winter drones on. However, after a few days in the mid 70’s, I had to put my sandals back in the closet and find my jacket. Actually, I kind of enjoy weather like this, as long as it doesn’t go on for days at a time. Sometimes I miss winter… But – I digress…

Today I was also busy preparing to host my church’s small group tomorrow night, so I wasn’t too into taking photos today. I did snap one photo of a “finch like bird” out on the camellia bush – taken from inside the house form the sliding glass door. That funny little yellow marking confuses me, though, so I really don’t know if it’s a finch or not. It’s not a great photo, either. When the sun is not shining, and I’m taking photos from inside the window, they seem especially drab. I increased the contrast and saturation, and changed the white balance in my photo editing program to give it the color that it should have. This will be my 365 photo for today….

365 photo #37

Yesterday’s 365 picture is another shot of a Sego Palm branch out in front of our house. I find them so much fun to photograph! I love the texture, bokeh, and the different tones of green:

365 Photo #24

Today’s photo shows me that spring is truly on it’s way. Daffodils are a small reminder that winter will not last forever, contrary to how cold the weather may be at the time the first shoots appear. They are hardy flowers but their blooms are sweet! This year I missed photographing the little shoots when they first broke through the ground, but they haven’t been up for long. They are earlier this year than last, but last year was much colder.

365 Photo #25

If anyone noticed a random entry which was published for only a few minutes, it was truly there, but I deleted it.  I was continuing to try to embed the video, “Cats in Pots”, but to no avail.  I think WordPress doesn’t allow some of these for security reasons.  My last entry will just have to remain a link.  It’s cute, though, and it’s a video I have watched numerous times.

This time of year remains slow.  I think my brain is also running at “turtle speed”, as well, and there are few revelations about “life” coming from my mind.  I am accomplishing my daily activities in a kind of robot-like way.  One day seems to blend into the next.  Ray and I are really quite content and are enjoying the slower speed, which is giving us the luxury to truly enjoy getting to know our new kitties!  I chalk it up to “winter’s slugdom”.  Maybe I am hibernating, in similar fashion to the bear.  Well – heh … that’s a stretch.

For most of January and part of February, the weather was wet.  Cloudy days seemed to be the norm, and I think it rained on average – at least somewhat – every other day.  Those glorious sunny days seemed to be a rarity.  We don’t have the cold and snow like “up north” – but even the rain can get get old, too.

On one of those rare days, when the temperature climbed into the low 70’s for the first time, Ray and I hot footed it to Pine Island, which we have dubbed “Dolphin Head Beach”.  It’s waterfront property located on Port Royal Sound within our housing area, which has fabulous driftwood, shells, and occasional spottings of aquatic wildlife.  On the edge of the beach are old gnarled trees, weathered by wind, and on the other side is a swampy “low country” style grassland.  It’s a popular area for dog walking, sunning, exercise AND photography, which is why I go there….

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For an area that is as close to the "tropics" as Hilton Head is – – it sure has been a cool winter.  No — we cannot compare our "cold" to the northeast cold, and there is nothing here that compares to their snowy winter.  Yet, the natives think they are in the deep freeze – and our "cold" continues to be *the* topic of conversation! Usually I can see evidences of spring as early as the first week of January.  I know that sounds crazy, as that date is only two weeks or so after winter begins!  But I remember walking through the Whooping Crane Conservancy (click here to see photo post from there) in early January of last year and seeing tiny shoots of "new" green, heralding the beginning of spring.  Last year I remember daffodil buds in late January, and the tiny green shoots a few weeks prior to that.  Nothing of the sort has happened this year – and I didn’t see Daffodil buds until mid February – probably due to the colder weather.


Daffodil bud – February 10, 2010


Again — it’s all perspective.  At that point, the northeast was still inundated with snow upon snow.  And residents there would think we were in springtime. 

However — even though the weather has remained cooler than normal, and a lot more rainy, the daffodils are now in full bloom.  I’ve had some difficulty getting out there to take photos of them.  Either it was dark, cloudy and/or raining, or the flowers would move so much in the wind that most of my flower pics were blurry and off center.  Finally — yesterday was daffodil day…..  🙂

IMG_6845 IMG_6863

These are our two groupings of daffodils in different areas of our back yard


IMG_6849 IMG_6859 IMG_6872


There is something about Daffodils which reminds me that "Life Wins".  I love winter — always have — and I miss it living here.  I enjoy the crisp cold weather, bundling up in warm clothes and eating what I refer to as "winter food" – i.e. – "comfort food".  To me, snow is pretty, and I think that a "bare" tree without leaves has it’s own distinct beauty.  Yet — when the daffodils bloom, it’s the first sign that the cold and "dead" of winter is finally breaking away to new life that was lying dormant, waiting for the right time to spring forth.  As I’ve said in a previous entry, I appreciate each season as it arrives because I’ve experienced the one before.  And so — spring and the daffodils are more cherished because I have experienced winter.

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