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For the last few days, I have been spending way too much time perusing both Blogger and WordPress to decide which way to go if I choose to start a public blog. This entry is on WordPress because, at this point, I am leaning this way.

Clearly I’m a luddite. Even using the ready made templates and drop and drag widgets, I’m still confused. I have been cloistered in Live Journal since 2001, and their system is different. They have added some things, but it’s still a different site. Things such as "subscriptions" and "blogrolls" do not exist on Live Journal, in favor of "communities" and friends lists. How does one set up a blogroll. What are subscriptions. How does one subscribe to another journal (it’s called "following" on blogger – that is – if it is the same thing) I sense that on Blogger one can only have as many widgets as the layout will allow – but one can add any number of them to the WordPress blog. Yet – I read where WordPress won’t allow anything except their own widgets. I have managed to change the photo to my own photo on this layout, but unless I pay, I can’t use custom layouts. With Blogger, you can. So many things to consider and work to understand….

Here is a link that will help the comparison process: http://pulsed.blogspot.com/2007/07/blogger-wordpress-chart.html

But — all of this is about cosmetics. My real concern now is more about why do I really want to begin another blog, when I’m happy where I am – – which I am. I have a wonderful "friends list" (subscribers or followers) and many are truly friends. Why do I need to add to this?

My Live Journal is locked – for friends only. The personal nature of what I include in that journal demands that it not be public. The draw for me now is to be writing something that can be made public yet still be somewhat personal with depth. What I can’t figure out is WHY I have this compulsion. When I go into my heart – I feel this odd and pervasive desire to have strangers — "unknowns" — attracted by my verbiage.  Yet, why isn’t Live Journal fulfilling this need? Why do I need more and more of this attention? I suspect this is about finding outer things to fulfill me rather than looking within and making me good enough FOR me! Yet — this is not to say there is anything wrong or "unhealthy" in doing this, as long as there is some kind of balance.  I’m not known for that, however….

Even though I’ve lived with these feelings for a long time, (which is why I’ve had a shell of a blog at blogger for several years now — awaiting the time I’d begin it) what has moved me to do this is my childhood friend starting a Blogger blog. I want to reciprocate and share a blog with her. I know that blogging together will strengthen our friendship. Her entries have been interesting and full of deth.  I’d like to do the same.

Then there are the time constraints. I’m involved with my photography and Flickr. My Live Journal takes time – as does Facebook. Can I keep this up? I am not the kind of person who whips things off quickly. Blogging takes time for me – I rewrite a lot.

Then … what would be the theme of this journal? First thought: a photoblog intermixed with personal insights. I can x-post some of my photo posts from Live Journal here. They are most often fine for public viewing. I also need to keep it from involving (or better said) compromising other people who share my life, and myself, too. If I do need to mention others, as I know will happen because I don’t live in a vacuum, do i use pseudonyms? Or — is using first names ok?

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out….!



I’ve created a blog here, but not yet sure of it’s purpose.  I don’t even know if I’ll keep it.  The truth is, I already have a long standing blog over at Live Journal (http://sweetmeow.livejournal.com/), which I began in 2001.  However, it’s a locked journal — for "friends only".  I’m very happy over there, and have made wonderful friends.

Lately, however, I’ve had a hankering to have a public blog somewhere else, which would involve writing a bit differently knowing I would have no control who read my words.  Both the Blogger and Word Press sites seem to cater to the more mature blogger, of which I’m one, so I suspect that’s the lure to come to either of these places for public blogging.  Word Press seems to have more features, so am considering being here.  However, my long time childhood friend is on Blogger, and I’d like to make it easy for her to link to my public blog, so Blogger would make sense if I use that criteria.

So — since I can’t make a decision right now, I have the shell of a blog both here and on Blogger.  Give me time!

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