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It was a gray day on Sunday, May 27th, and I took a photo of another photo of a group of bald eagles taken in Alaska. It hangs over top of my desk where I do all my computer work. It was something I purchased at “Springtime Made in the South”. Bald Eagles are the symbol of the US – and very apropos for Memorial Day which is to come the following day…

365 photo #148 (May 27th)

the 365 photo for Monday, May 28th will be taken from photos I took at the Memorial Day services at Agawam Park in Southampton. My husband is a Vietnam Vet and we both think it important to honor those soldiers who gave their lives in the service of our country. My husband marches either with the group of veterans, or with the color guard. It was a beautiful day — hot and sunny (almost too hot!), and a perfect day for photos.

365 photo #149 (May 28th). This is one of the three wreathes which represent the members of the three Veterans organizations in our town, Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, and Polish American Veterans, who gave their lives. During the service they are ceremonially placed on the World War I Memorial by representatives of their groups. I took this photo before they were moved. You can see the members of the Sweet Adelines, who were a musical part of the service, blurred in the background

Bonus photos:

Prior to the service there is a small parade where veterans and others who will take part in the service march from the Presbyterian Church, down Jobs Lane to Agawam Park

IMG_0050 IMG_0048
1. Southampton High School Band
2. Colonial Militia

Veterans gather and march

In addition there are the boy scouts and Civil Air Patrol, and of course town officials, and the speakers. then the service began in the park:

IMG_0062 IMG_0067
1. Agawam Park, showing the World War I Memorial in the front.
2. Sweet Adelines provided some patriotic music

IMG_0076 IMG_0078
1. Southampton High School Brass Choir
2. The representatives of the three veterans organizations carry their wreathe to the memorial

IMG_0072 IMG_0081
1. The speaker – Jason Cofield. One thing he mentions is the importance of the service and sacrifice of those who remained at home – like the moms – and he brought his mother up to the podium during his speech.
2. Veterans salute during taps.

IMG_0090 IMG_0099
1. Raising the US flag on the town’s nautical flag pole
2. It’s raised and in place.


I’m way behind in my postings, but I have pictures to show for those days – so here we go!

On Tuesday I was very busy with preparations to host our small group from church. I admit … I don’t entertain easily, so it takes a lot of emotional energy, and overt planning from me — more than the average person, I think. So – I didn’t spend a lot of time on photographs. So – my 365 photo is not original in the least — it’s yet another photo of a bird taken from the sliding glass door while it sat on the camellia bush waiting to go to the feeders. This time the bird is a chickadee:

365 photo #38

No bonus photo…

Oh — and the small group event at our house went very well. The meal was delicious, and the discussion on the book we’re doing was very thought provoking!

Yesterday I have many photos from which to choose. I didn’t know I was going to be going on a photo walk, but when my good friend, Kim came over to drop off some matting material that I can use for the camera club competition, we decided to take the time to walk around with our cameras. There’s *always* time for that!

We began in our back yard – then drove to Dolphin Head beach, with an impromptu stop off along the side of the road where there were a variety of aquatic birds perched along the lagoon there: a pelican, some cormorants, an anhinga and a great blue heron. I really love it when different kinds of birds are able to co-exist peaceably together! Might we humans learn from this?? After Dolphin Head, it was then onto Boneyard Beach, where there were egrets and a “convention” of seagulls. I spent last night going through numerous photos – and choosing the best to put up on Flickr. What should I choose for yesterday’s photo. As I type this, I still am not sure….

Ok — decision made. I think yesterday’s 365 photo will be another one of a bald eagle, found on Dolphin Head beach. Sightings of them happen, but it’s still exciting for me when I see one, and get to photograph him. Kim recognized his call, and others, who had seen him first, helped us spot him high in a tree. I was able to move closer to him before he flew off. I had hoped to photograph his take off – but I’m not that good. it was sudden and way too fast for me to catch that.

365 photo #39

Here’s a group of bonus photos for yesterday – mainly because it was hard to decide. Click any photo to see it larger in my flickr site:

IMG_0646 IMG_0649
1. A pelican and two cormorants in the background
2. A great blue heron and a cormorant – drying his wings

IMG_0640 IMG_0713
1. An anhinga – drying his wings!
2. A convention of seagulls — with one egret.

A Snowy Egret is off!

Today was a little light on photos – but after dark I took a picture of a print of a Siamese Cat by Fritz Hug that hangs in our bedroom. It’s one I’ve had since I was a teenager, purchased on the boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ for probably not much more than $10. I didn’t have all that much money back then, so it couldn’t have been more. I grew up with Siamese cats – and had two sweet Siamese kitties early in my marriage, so I’ve loved this print. It’s followed me throughout my life … hung on my wall all through college, and then in our living room once Ray and I were married. Then when we came down here to Hilton Head for winters, I knew it belonged here because the colors are perfect. It wasn’t framed for years, but for one Christmas, my mom and dad did that for me. I don’t know who “Fritz Hug” and just now tried to do a search on him, but I can’t find much, but I’m glad he created this!

365 photo #40

The last two days, I’ve headed out to get photos away from “home base”.

Yesterday a photo friend and I went to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge. I had never been, and was not sure what it would be like. We arrived and found that it was about a four mile drive, with scattered places to park along the way so you can get out with your cameras and binoculars. I don’t know if there were paths for walking other than the road, but didn’t see any. Basically it’s a huge area of “lowcountry”: swampy land, trees, bushes, and basically pristine areas for birds and animals to live. I find it interesting that as you look over the flat marsh, you can see Savannah industry in the distance. I worry a little about the water quality, and I guess there are / have been issues.

As we were driving around, we bumped into a grouping of cars which turned out to be an Audubon group from Hilton Head. They all had their fancy binoculars and bird identification books, talked “BirdSpeak”, and had spotted lots of birds which I would have never seen without their help. Next time I go, I will have binoculars of my own! One of those things this group has spotted was a bald Eagle, which is my photo of the day for yesterday. He was high in the tree, and even with my 100-400 lens, it is not a close up. Plus – he was sort of hiding behind parts of the tree. But – I’m always thrilled to get a picture of one of these majestic birds:

365 photo #20

We soon broke away from the Audubon group to do our own thing. Besides the Bald Eagle, we also saw: (to become my bonus photos for yesterday. Click them to see them larger in my flickr account)

IMG_9921 IMG_9949
1. Great Blue Heron … becomes part of this branch!
2. Red Tailed Hawk (I think)

IMG_0006 IMG_9967
1. Ibis
2. Loggerhead Shrike – whose beauty gives little clues to his predatory behavior. As taken from Wikipedia: “The bird waits on a perch with open lines of sight and swoops down to capture prey. Its food is large insects and lizards . Known in many parts as the “Butcher Bird,” it impales its prey on thorns or barbed wire before eating it, because it does not have the talons of the larger birds of prey.”

IMG_9974 IMG_9911
1. duck – I do not know the kind
2. Coot (There were SO MANY of them!!)

Today Ray and I decided to go over to Beaufort – about a 45 minute drive from Hilton Head. It’s an historic southern town known for it’s antebellum architecture. The town is full of boutiques, although with the economy as it is, there are more empty stores than we remember in previous years. It’s also a military town with Parris Island and the Marine Corps air station not far away. Ray and I enjoy going over there — usually for lunch, and to walk around town, as well as the park behind the shops which abut the marina and river. I didn’t take too many photos this time, but the view of Main Street as we exited the parking lot in town is my photo of the day:

365 photo #21

Bonus photo:

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