Today was not much of a photo day, as I was behind the wheel for most of the day – headed to North Georgia to visit my friend, Claire. But – I have taken my daily photo now that I’m settled in for the night in a motel en route. I’m not sure how many miles I drove, but I have about 350 miles to go tomorrow and that is a LOT less than what I drove today! My 365 photo is showing what I’m doing before hitting the sack … which will be soon! It was a tiring day…. More driving tomorrow, but at least not as much. 🙂

365 photo #157 – Using the wifi connection at the Hampton Inn! Notice that I always use a portable keyboard and mouse and mouse pad to protect the laptop’s keyboard and touch pad, as I’ve found that they WILL and DO have to be replaced. I guess I’m hard on them….! I also enjoyed my SUBWAY sandwich for dinner, and I’m finishing up the soda now!