Ray and I usually go to Savannah on the first Saturday of each month that we’re in Hilton Head, as they always have a special craft fair, as well as entertainment on the river front. At dusk at the conclusion of December’s “First Saturday” celebration, Savannah has it’s annual Santa Claus parade, so there’s lots going on. The First Saturday in May was also special, as it included about 14 Tall Ships docked along the riverfront. They are part of the commemoration of the War of 1812 and are headed up the eastern seaboard – beginning in Savannah GA, then to Greenport, Long Island, NY, Newport, RI, and ending in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They will take part in these town’s festivities. Check out this website for more information.

I had never seen the Tall Ships up close, and they are magnificent. When they say they are tall — believe it! One had to purchase tickets to get into the roped off area of the dock where the ships were docked, and to tour the ships. You could see them from behind the ropes, of course, but it was more fun to get up close. The only down side of the day was that it was hot with bright sun and temperatures in the mid 90’s. Despite the fact that the ship tours were interesting, I began to wilt after two of them. But – other than the heat, it was a great day, with blue skies and puffy white clouds, which made a great backdrop for photographing the ships and their tall masts.

So — May 6th photo of the day will be from our day with the Tall Ships:

365 photo #126 — tall mast taken while touring “The Eagle”

And – this day deserves some bonus photos!

IMG_9335 IMG_9352
1. First view of a ship as we were climbing down the stairs to River Street
2. The ships lined up on the dock

IMG_9370 IMG_9388
1. spartan bunk – – and I think this might be an officers bunk – so I think the others were even more spartan!
2. I cannot remember the name of this particular boat, but this lady is at on the front of the boat – leading the way!

IMG_9441 IMG_9438
1. Ships lined up – as taken from on board “The Eagle”….
2. tourists take rides so they can see the Tall Ships from on the river. I wish we had done this…

IMG_9437 IMG_9434
1 and 2 — on board “The Eagle”

IMG_9459 IMG_9448
1. A container ship as seen through one of the Tall Ships, “The Eagle”.
2. A tall ship – with the Savannah Bridge (to South Carolina) in the background

And … two non tall ship photos of River Street….

IMG_9402 IMG_9390
1. One stairway out of River Street. The steps are made of stone and very steep – tough on the knees!
2. Old River Street buildings

Next stop for the Tall Ships will be over Memorial Day Weekend, and will be held close to us on the North Shore of Long Island — Greenport. It will be a smaller and “lower key” festival than Savannah, as they will only have 7 confirmed ships. I’d like to go, however, I’m not sure we will. Knowing Greenport as I do, parking will be a nightmare.

More updates coming later. Still not caught up!