I cannot believe how many birds are flying around our yard. I go out with my camera – or not – and stand quietly and they are flying – almost as if in a frenzy. They are feeding on the grass, and flying back and forth from the trees on either side of the yard, often stopping off at the feeders to have a nip of seed. I can hear them in the trees calling to each other – but usually can’t find them. These birds are busy and very focused, and sometimes squabbling for “turf” or “territory”. I suspect we have lots of nests around, and these birds are busy trying to feed and raise babies. Except for the great blue heron and the nest in the bluebird box, I don’t know where the other nests are. The seed in the feeder is being eaten faster than ever before. Even though there is great activity, and they are more visible than usual, they are very hard to photograph, as they are just out of sight, or extra skittish if in sight.

Today’s 365 photo will be what I believe to be a juvenile male cardinal. This is the same cardinal who was one of yesterday’s bonus photos. It’s my opinion that he’s brighter than a female cardinal – and I see some red on his belly and side making me think that his color is changing. But — I am only guessing. Check out the seed he’s dropping from his mouth! 🙂 (Taken from inside the house from the sliding glass door.

365 photo #115

Bonus photos:

IMG_8843 IMG_8838
1. This is not a well composed or good photo, but it’s an interesting one. I caught the female bluebird flying out of the bluebird box!
2. three birds on the edge of the lagoon. Not sure what they are