What happened to the warm spring temperatures? Today was sunny but rather chilly. Not sure it got above 65 – if that, and the wind sent the wind chill feeling like it was in the 50’s. I need to be very careful about my complaining, as my friends in the northeast are wondering if they will have snow. And – if the truth be known, I find this kind of weather enjoyable and invigorating. I do not love the heat of summer.

Today’s 365 photo is of another bird – but a different one than I’ve photographed before. For most of this spring I have been spotting a male and female Eastern Towhee scurrying around on our back patio under the feeders and camellia bush. They were never on our feeders as they are ground feeders only. However, no pictures have been forthcoming because my camera was rarely handy, or if it was, I didn’t snap the picture in time. They are quite flighty birds, never stopping to “pose” for my camera!

Today’s 365 photo will be the female eastern towhee:

365 photo #114 — taken from out in the yard looking at the patio.

Bonus photos: a juvenile male cardinal (please correct me if I’m wrong – I’m not totally sure) and a male and a male eastern towhee:

IMG_8822 IMG_8809
1. It’s my opinion that it’s a male juvenile because he seems brighter than a female cardinal. I can spot some red feathers appearing on his belly, and he’s a bit smaller than an adult cardinal, too.
2. This photo of the male towhee. Contrary to what you see, the male’s coloring is significantly more dramatic than the female, but this was taken through the sliding glass door from inside the house, which kind of subdues it’s color somewhat. I added to the contrast and a little to the saturation, but something is lost in the translation.