I have discovered a good way to hold my camera with my heavy lens while the brace is on my left hand. It worked well, and my wrist / hand is feeling a lot better today. I think it will take quite some time to totally heal, and I must continue to be careful, but at least I don’t have to give up photography – or computer work.

Today has been cool (not quite 70), damp and breezy. The air is unstable. Once in a while it “spritzes” rain, but then the next minute a sliver of sun will shine through the thick clouds. I went out with my camera to scout out photos, but I was not inspired. I returned inside and took a few photos from the inside out of birds on the feeders and the camellia bush…

Today’s 365 photo is of a red bellied woodpecker. They are very skittish and often hard to photo, but I got a few shots.

365 photo #113

For today’s two bonus photos, a bright red male cardinal and one little chickadee posed for me, too:

IMG_8758 IMG_8695

In a few weeks, we will be leaving Hilton Head and returning to eastern Long Island for the rest of the spring, summer and some of the fall. My photos will change character in that there will be different kinds of wildlife and landscape to photograph. To be honest, there’s lots more interesting things here, and it’s easier to find subject matter. I hope that this blog won’t get boring….! However, this is the challenge of the 365 project – to keep my mind open and creative each day no matter what my environment happens to be. More on that as the time draws nearer…