I have four 365 photos to post today which will “catch me up”.

Over the last two weeks I have been noticing some difficulty with left my wrist and hand. I’m not exactly sure when it began, but it appears to me and my amateur diagnosis to be a little carpel tunnel. I have been unsure as to how I got it, and my first thought was typing – as I spend a lot of time on the computer. However, I’m not so sure, although, at this point, typing can’t be helping it either. At this point, I think it’s from holding my camera so tightly — especially when I have my heavy 100-400 mm lens on – which I do so much of the time, as that is my main means of getting my wildlife shots. I believe that I hold my left hand under the lens to steady it in such a manner that it remains in a difficult “bent” or “twisted” position for too long. Plus — my muscles are held “taut” – also for way too long for it to be good for them.

It got worse the day after I returned from the Daufuskie Island trip, which was a “red flag” since I’d spent about 4 hours non stop with the camera. Since then I have tried to reduce the time with my camera. As you can imagine this is not easy for me, as I love photography. I now have a wrist / hand brace, which holds it steady so it won’t twist or bend, and I think that is going to help me so I can continue doing what I love, though I know I still must cut back. I have to work out a good way to hold the camera with it on, however. Today’s photos were taken with a much lighter lens, and have not experimented with larger lens yet. The pain is not awful, but I also don’t want it to GET awful!

I am not giving up my 365 project — With that in mind — these are the latest 365 photos:

365 photo # 109 — A house finch. And — I didn’t realize there was a second one there until I got this photo onto the computer!IMG_8655
365 photo #110 — We truly DO have a bluebird nest in our bluebird box in our back yard. This is Mrs. Bluebird bringing in a worm — probably for babies inside. After I snapped this photo, he went right in with the worm.

365 photo #111 — Mr. Cardinal in the grass in our back yard. I am watching the male cardinals being very feisty around each other. I think that is quite territorial when they are nesting. there are also some female cardinals around, too and I would love to get a another photo of the male feeding the female as I did a few years ago right on our patio with one of the seeds from our feeder!

365 photo #112 — Sego palm branch – a study in “green”. I know I have done this before, but each photo is unique in it’s own way. 🙂