I’ve noticed tonight that I got an unusual amount of hits on my blog from people googling about the alligator on the 15th hole at the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament today. My blog post came up for these searches because in the last entry I included Monday’s tournament photos, as well as a photo of a gator in our lagoon taken yesterday. The title of the blog “Heritage Golf Tournament — and an alligator on our lagoon” sent people who wanted to know more about today’s incident to my blog, only for them to find out nothing.

THIS is what happened, and Ray and I were there – watching from the stands across the fairway from the lagoon in question. Let’s put it this way … I could hardly watch. I couldn’t believe that Brian Gay’s caddie had the nerve to do this. Most times alligators are not aggressive, but they can be if provoked. And – what the caddie did to this gator constitutes “provocation”! I’m sure there *has* to be a rule about not having to hit a golf ball if in danger from an alligator. Here is the PGA video of it:

Oh — and Brian Gay ultimately did not hit the ball well.  He had his back to the lagoon as he was hitting, and I’m not sure I’d want that knowing a rather irritated alligator was swimming behind him!  If it were me, I’d just want that shot done and to move quickly away from that spot!