Yesterday Ray and I went to Savannah to hang out on River Street. On the first Saturday of each month, there is a craft fair on the river front, and we try to go to as many of them as we can while we’re in Hilton Head. We also walked through City Market, which is a road open only to pedestrian traffic. On clear weekends a band plays and people sit and listen while seated at outside tables with a drink or lunch. We browsed in some of the shops there. It was a GORGEOUS day — clear and a tad chilly. In fact, I started the day with a jacket, though removed it once it got warmer. Today’s 365 photo is from Savannah:

365 photo #98 — tourist boats along the river front

Bonus photos:

IMG_8130 IMG_8161
1. craft fair booths with the historic buildings in the background on the river front
2. “Elephant ears” leaves – as seen in a flower bed as we were walking back to the car.

Today is Easter Sunday — and today’s photo is a little chickadee hiding out in our camellia bush, which is the staging area for our bird feeders. It has been another gorgeous day today!

365 photo #99