It’s back to nature watching for me! Over the weekend on Saturday we had a bit of rain, but I wandered out when I saw a Great Blue Heron fishing as droplets of rain hit the lagoon. That will be Saturday’s 365 photo. They know, probably as much as we humans do, that fishing is best when it’s raining.

365 photo #91 – Rainy Day Great Blue Heron

On Sunday I checked, again, to see how the Great Blue Heron nest was doing that is located in a tree in our back yard, overlooking the lagoon:

365 photo #92 – Hanging out on the nest

Yesterday I took a short ride to the place that we call “The Rookery” as it’s known for nesting areas for many aquatic birds, like herons of all kinds, egrets, ibis, etc. As I walked to the tree where they often are, I could hear the squawking and flapping of wings of quite a few birds – probably working out territorial differences. As I stood there, I noticed lots of little blue herons – a much smaller version of the great blue heron – as well as one or two snowy egrets. A portrait of a little blue heron will be yesterday (Monday’s) photo.

365 Photo #93 – Little Blue Heron

Then today I have finally discovered that there *are* bluebirds hanging out in and near our bluebird box. I don’t know if there is a nest, or if they are just investigating it to see if it will be ok for a nest, but they are flying around it – in and out — and are perching on trees nearby. Bluebirds nest several times a season, and suspect this may be there second nesting, though it’s only speculation on my part. A month or so ago we had a brown headed nut hatch hanging out there. I now don’t know if he made a nest there, or if he was only looking when I took the photo and had ultimately rejected the spot. At this point I do not want to look inside for fear of disturbing a growing family!

365 photo #94 – should we nest … here?

Bonus photos:

IMG_7956 IMG_7969
1. bluebird in a staging area on a tree branch
2. I’ve noticed there are a bunch of twigs, lying directly underneath the Great Blue Heron’s nest. I suspect these may be rejected twigs that were not used for the nest as they were building it. Just speculation again…! From what I gather, they are constantly building the nest, even after there are eggs.