This blog is still up and running, despite the fact that I haven’t posted in quite a few days. Right now I’m in Pennsylvania with my 90 year old mom who is hospitalized and very ill. It was quite dire when we arrived, but things are better now. No – things will never be as they were, but what a difference a week makes. We will remain here for a few more days, unless something changes to require us to stay longer. And, at my mom’s age, and with her medical condition, that potential is there.

I continue to take photos each and every day, and, in a sense, they are documenting these days of my life. However, for the moment – while we are here — it is too time consuming to go through and edit, then upload the photos for sharing here. I’ll be back, though. For now, however, I need to focus on what is before me. This is an interesting time of life – – a transitional time within one’s family, and a very special family bonding time.

Life moves in many different ways, as life circumstances happen. Sometimes you live life. Sometimes you write about life. Sometimes those two can co-exist together. For right now I need to live fully – and allow writing to take a back seat.

In time I will be posting the photos I’m taking during these days, and will be back to writing. So … stay tuned!