Yesterday I was lucky to discover today’s photo subject. While I was running to accomplish some household task, I looked out the sliding glass door to see the head of an anhinga right on the shoreline of our lagoon. This required that I stop what I was doing, grab the camera (and darned if I didn’t have to change the lens, too!) and go out to see if I could get the anhinga’s photo! I got lucky … he didn’t move while I did all that! He also didn’t seem too concerned about me as I walked softly to the tree in front of the lagoon so that I could both hide behind it, and lean against it to take more close up shots of him. Such interesting aquatic birds they are with their colorful black and white wings (which are sometimes outstretched when they are drying), and their long, lean necks when they are outstretched!

365 photo #74

Bonus photos:

IMG_7591 IMG_7561
1. Preening anhinga
2. This is one of the first photos I took in this series, when my first view was just of the anhinga’s head. Our yard drops off down a mini hill as you reach the water’s edge. This anhinga was at the bottom of this hill allowing me to see only his head. Once I got to the tree which is closer to the water, he was pretty much in full view.

Today was — sadly — not much of a photography day. what a day to waste because it was probably one of the most gorgeous days we’ve had here — pleasantly warm and sunny. But – – as the sun was setting, it was shining into our house – right on one of my cat figurines, which will make today’s photo:

365 photo #75

The situation — the metaphor for the “approaching storm” — to which I mentioned in yesterday’s post is still as it was. I will update when there is one.