Today I have been preoccupied. My mom – who is 90 years old – has been admitted to the hospital. I do not want to go into detail, as my family is private. The Internet and all it’s potential breaches of privacy are threatening to them. I mention them very little on this blog, and have had to be careful about what photos I make public on Flickr.

I’m about 800 miles away from my mom. And — suffice it to say — I’m nervous and a little scared, and feeling a tad introspective.

So … with this in mind, when a freak thunderstorm was about to arrive, I went out to take photos of the approaching storm. It’s kind of a metaphor for my life now, as I know there are storms ahead of me which I must weather. I sat outside (before it started to rain) and watched the approaching clouds get closer, and the rumbling thunder get louder. First it was sunny, which gave an eerie glow to the dark clouds and landscape. Then the sun went away. I drank some left over morning coffee – and immersed myself in “the calm before the storm”. While I was sitting there, the Great Blue heron, who has the nest in the nearby tree came back to his station, and began his nesting / mating call — that gravely moan I was talking about in a previous entry. It brought a sense of sadness over the earth – maybe a foreshadowing of things to come for me, though I hope not too soon.

this photo is taken while the sun was still shining on our lagoon, but the storm clouds were clearly marching closer.

365 photo #73