Our azalea is now fully out, and the blooms cover (or mostly cover) the bush. The azaleas are out a little earlier this year, but then, due to the warmer winter, most everything is early. These are mature bushes. When planted back in the 1980’s, there were three different color azaleas planted together. In time – with careful trimming, they grew together to form one single “hedge like” bush. Yesterday’s photo of the day is of several of the pink blooms. in the bonus photo you can see a darker and lighter pink flowers

365 photo #67

Bonus photo:

One darker pink bloom among the lighter ones

Last night I attended an interesting workshop sponsored by the Camera Club of Hilton Head Island called, “Be A Beginner But Shoot Like a Pro”. Basically it was to explain some of the photography terminology — aperture (F-stop – or opening size – what lets in light), shutter speed, and ISO – and how these settings interact with each other depending what you’re photographing. The course is designed to help us be more comfortable using our camera’s manual settings, rather than relying on the various automatic settings. I came out of this course understanding a lot more than I did before, but realizing it will take hours of practice, lots of trial and (mostly) error, and a lot of bad shots to finally get the hang of this.

So … today I went outside to practice. And, guess what. None of THOSE shots will be today’s photo of the day. The camera’s delete key was well used! *g*. It’s my hope that my next practice session will see improvement with more usable photos!

Next Wednesday the course continues – and clearly I will be attending! LOL. One question (er – well — one of many questions!) still remains. Will I ever be comfortable enough with my manual settings to be able to get them in place fast enough so that I can get that photograph before the wildlife flies away *g*! Maybe there is a time and a place for some pre-set automatic settings for this type of situation!

Anyway — back to today’s photo…

As I was practicing my manual setting photography, I heard movement up in the pine tree above — and there … again … was Mr. (or Mrs.?) Great Blue Heron. Then I moved around a bit and noticed that there was a nest up there. Personally I’m a little skeptical that it’s great blue heron nest, as it seemed kind of small — but the bird seemed to be working on it – or watching it – or something. Maybe the nest is larger than it appears? Plus — occasionally he/she raised it’s beak high in the air and let out this long, low pitched “howl”, that sounded more like a “moan”. It had a sadness about it – and I suspect, now, it is related to nesting / mating behavior. Might we have a great blue heron nest in our yard? And – today’s photo shows the heron in the sun!

365 photo #68

Bonus photo. Heron and the nest: