The last two days have not been photo days, and I have resorted to photographing interesting things (to me) inside the house.

The first is a painting which I purchased in Canada when I was there in either 1999 or 2000 on a “girlfriend” trip with my good friend, Claire. It was purchased from a street vendor, and I was taken with how the geese in this picture were made. I don’t know the procedure, but it’s like the geese were “cut out” giving it a 3 dimensional feeling. It sits in our hallway … and the geese seem to be directing us to the kitchen as we leave the study. Or I think of that every time I face it as I turn into the hallway.

365 photo #57

This next wall hanging, also located in the same hallway, is an image of Kokopelli, the Native American flute player. It’s made of metal, which is painted in turquoise and terracotta colors. It sits out of the wall a little, giving it some depth. I purchased this in a rather touristy gift shop along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it caught my eye and I knew I had a spot for it. I play the flute, and have always loved the image of Kokopelli.

365 photo #58

For the next few days I will be visiting Claire to help her do some painting in her new house. I will not be the only helper, as there will be a small group of friends helping in this endeavor: “craniacs” — i.e. — those we have met through Operation Migration and Facebook, who care deeply about the endangered whooping crane. It will be an exciting and fun time, and there’s a good chance I won’t be able to post too much while there. There’s a time to live life and a time to write about life, and next week I’ll be doing more of the “living” part! But — the daily photos will be taken – to be posted when I get the time.