I’m beginning to worry that my pictures will start to get boring, as I repeatedly use the same subjects for my photos. I realize that’s an occupational hazard if one is taking photos every day. Yesterday’s photo is one of these times, as I — yet again — have a photo of a great blue heron. These majestic birds seem to be the ones populating our lagoon area the most. And, they seem to be the easiest to photograph as they aren’t as skittish. We do have ibis, egrets, and, of course those ospreys who are repairing their nest in preparation for eggs. And – I could also take a photo of a “crow-a-day” if wanted.

This great blue heron was not up a tree as the one of a few days ago. Instead, he was standing on one end of our lagoon – fishing – intently – as they usually are. I decided to quietly walk closer to him – as close as he’d allow, and took photos periodically as I got nearer. He was so engrossed on finding “dinner”, that he wasn’t paying much attention to me, and was able to get close enough so that he’s large in my photo.

365 photo #50

Bonus photos:

IMG_0969 IMG_0944
1. This is the edge of the lagoon shoreline where are back yard faces.
2. Another shot of “Big Blue” (as I call him)

Today I was not in the mood for photography, and the day got away from me. Guess I was kind of sluggish about a lot of things, as I accomplished little, except to get a photo print matted, and it’s digital equivalent electronically submitted for the camera club competition tomorrow. (I have never mounted or matted a photos, so I hope I did it ok.)

Suddenly it was dusk, and I had not taken a photo, so I quickly snapped this of our dining area off the kitchen. This is the lagoon view from two of the five sliding glass doors which face that way. Oh yes … I know we are blessed! 🙂

365 photo #51