What a change only a few hours can make. This morning, the sun was shining brightly without a cloud in the sky. Now it’s cloudy, raw and damp, and even though the temperature has not really fallen, it feels cooler because of the dampness. I should have gone out this morning in the sunlight to scout out a photo – but didn’t – and was left with what is. But – I was rewarded, anyway. I went outside and stood quietly with my camera – listening. There was a woodpecker … somewhere … working feverishly on some dead part of a tree. I never did find him. Many songbirds with their tell tale calls had me looking here and there for their presence, but they stayed well hidden. There was a coot and a grebe on the lagoon – but very far away. An occasional bird would fly to the feeder from some unknown location, but would quickly fly back, probably because of my presence. I shivered … I’d forgotten to put on a jacket….

Then – I looked up … and there he was — a gorgeous great blue heron high up in one of our pine trees, and he stayed long enough for me to get a few photos of him. He will be today’s photo of the day:

365 photo #49

Bonus photo — another view of him: