There was a brief break in the clouds today, and I took advantage when I noticed a great blue heron intently fishing by the side of the lagoon. It was close enough to the house for me to creep up on him to get more of a close up. I got him opening his mouth — not sure why — but it was right before he took off. I probably got too close…

365 photo #48

Two bonus photos:

IMG_0911 IMG_0913
1. The great blue heron flies away. This is best seen at “original size” – so click to see it in Flickr
2. Update on the daffodils. they are blooming – but not as well as last year. The other, larger patch of daffodils are not blooming at all, and I wonder if the squirrels are getting the blooms as fast as they come out! It looks like the blooms have been “nipped” off… In this photo you can see the lagoon in the background