Yesterday I had a chance to take photos outside of the house. The weather has been cloudy for the past few days, but there was this window of opportunity and my friend and I went to the Whooping Crane Pond Conservancy to see what was inside. There wasn’t much in the way of wildlife – except for a little gecko. We could hear interesting, and unique (to me) bird calls.

The 365 photo for today is a photo of a dragon fly wing that my friend found. It seemed to be a fun object to experiment with some macro photogrpahy on top of the boardwalk railing… It’s so intricate!

365 photo #46

Bonus photos:

IMG_0843 IMG_0838
1. Interesting shadows of plantlife and an odd root system in the algae laden swamp
2. the little gecko. Not the best photo of him, but he slipped away before I could get another.

Today the weather (up until now – the sun is peaking out now!) has been cloudy with rain. So — it was inside photos for today. This is a “floral” painted porcelain cat which I purchased quite a few years ago because it reminded me of my mother in law’s paper mache floral kitty which I loved so much, which was the 365 photo #41. I have it placed in the same spot where my mother in law had her paper mache kitty when she lived here — on top of the breakfast bar counter.

The little kitties next to the floral cat are actually tiny boxes. The head (or top of the body) comes off to reveal a place to store something very tiny!

365 photo #47