Question: How many cats figurines can one person have to decorate a house.

Answer: As many as they want!

For yesterday’s photo of the day, I took a photograph of one of my favorite kitty items – – some “rock cats” — i.e. — cats painted on river rocks. I found these in a shop here in Hilton Head, and then more of them in a shop on River Street in Savannah. Each and every time I visited these stores, I *had* to purchase at least one — first for me, and then for my friend, Claire, who ended up loving them as much as I did. In fact, she puts one of the smaller rock kitties into her manger scene. I even put one in Ray’s Christmas stocking one year!

They weren’t horribly expensive – the little ones going for only (about) $10., and the larger, more intricately painted ones for maybe $35. or $40. Each and every one has the words “Lats Cats” painted on the bottom of the rock kitty.  I finally asked one of the shop keepers who the artist was. According to her, she was from some place in New York state (I can’t remember where at this point), and she collected the rocks from rivers in that area. However, she also had a home on Hilton Head Island, which is why they were being sold in this area.

I am sure I kept this artist in business, as I have so many — and so does Claire, for that matter. However, as suddenly as we found them, they just as suddenly disappeared — sold out — and no more were forthcoming. The shop in Hilton Head ultimately changed hands, and I have no clue if there are any more anywhere else. These are my rock cats that live here in Hilton Head:

365 photo #44

Today is Valentine’s Day – and the photo for today is to wish everyone a most happy and loving day.  I know this day can be a difficult one if we are not where we would like to be in our relationships – whether they be with a spouse, parent, child, or friend. But – I have this mug, a close-up which is today’s 365 photo, purchased a few years ago from Starbucks. It always makes me happy whether or not other things are going well for me in my “love life”. It is a white mug with only one red painted heart with many etched hearts all around it. *I* have one heart to give, if only I will open it – and be vulnerable to both giving and receiving love and caring. I have my morning coffee in this mug on Valentine’s Day — but also on many other days of the year, as well.  As I sip, I encourage myself to open my heart:

365 photo #45