For the last two days, I haven’t been out to take photos. I didn’t feel well yesterday. Not quite sure what was wrong, but I felt bloated and “unsettled” and very tired like I could have taken a nap at any given time. I’m much better today, and Ray and I decided to go to Savannah to see a craft show, “Springtime Made in the South”. It’s this huge convention center full of craft booths – and wonderful vendors. I always find something to purchase – this time a BEAUTIFUL mosaic mirror (which I don’t know, as of now, where I will hang it), as well as a few barrettes for my hair and hand crafted mechanical pen and pencil.

So — yesterday’s photo is of some of my “fireplace kitties”, which had originally belonged to my mother in law. I don’t know where she got most of them, but some were gifts from their Long Island neighbor for doing some pet sitting. The larger cat in this photo is made out of paper mache, I think. When my inlaws lived in the house here in Hilton Head (yes – this house used to belong to my them!) – she had it on the kitchen bar counter as a nicknack. Many of the other cats resided on her fireplace hearth in their house on Long Island, and now live on ours.

365 photo #41

Bonus photos … a few more of the kitties:

IMG_0760 IMG_0751

Today, after returning home from the craft show, the sun was about to set and was shining low into the west window, putting a wonderful glow on the counter top bar stools. These stools were procured by my inlaws from a restaurant – Billy’s Triple Crown – in Bridgehampton, Long Island, which was remodeling at the time they were building this house in 1986. They are really unique – with a leather seat that swivels (my father in law may have had that redone), not to mention old chewing gum that is now permanently embedded underneath them!! I don’t know if they were given to my father in law – or if he purchased them, but he transported them down here and they were installed when the house was built. I love them and the retro feel they give the room!

365 photo #42