Today’s weather started out clear, but it’s slowly been changing to “filtered sun” and it’s now cloudy. While things were still sunny, I got some pictures of birds from inside the house – taken through the sliding glass door. Even though pictures aren’t as good taken through glass, in the end, that seems to be the best way to get photos of birds in our camellia bush. They seem to prefer to perch in the bush on the house side, as I think it gives them a little more “cover” and they’re not as visible. Yet – they are visible to me from inside. If I’m really quiet, stand off to the side somewhat and do not wear bright colors, they will eventually perch on a branch where I can photograph them. Another advantage right now is that I’m pretty sure we have some migrating finches hanging out. Our feeders are being well used, and they seem to be fighting over feeder holes!

Today’s photo is of a male house finch:

365 photo # 34

Oh … what the heck – – here is a few bonus photos:

IMG_0483 IMG_0469
1. A Camellia bloom. The squirrels love them – knock them off the bush after a while and get to the seeds
2. Another finch – a female house finch