Yesterday was another day for a photo outing with a good friend. Our first destination was to a lighthouse I’d never realized was there, The Leamington Lighhouse. It’s been decommissioned and is not a working lighthouse, but up until 1932 it was — guiding ships into Port Royal Sound. It is located on Arthur Hills Golf course in the middle of a gated housing Community, Palmetto Dunes. However, non residents can go see it if they tell the person at the gate they want to go to the lighthouse, which is what we did. We got lost, despite directions at the gate, as the lighthouse is somewhat shielded from view by trees.

From there we decided to go into Sea Pines to have some lunch at The Salty Dog, a kind of touristy kind of place, but it’s lots of fun to “Play Tourist” sometimes! It was warm enough to eat out on the deck, as the temperature was probably about 70 degrees. Amazing for February 1st…!

We asked the waitress for directions to the ocean, and it was only across the street and a few blocks from there. Again, there was a nice boardwalk entrance to the beach – – which brings me to my 365 photo which was taken here. The day was crystal clear, and the ocean – and even the beach – had a slightly blue cast as the sky was reflected everywhere! It was also “sand piper, sea gull” day at this beach, and there were tons – all sunning themselves on the warm sand, or feeding in the surf:

365 photo #32

And … we have to have some bonus photos for yesterday to show the lighthouse, as well as more from the beach walk… As always to see the photos larger, you can click on the image to take you to flickr:

IMG_0258 IMG_0366IMG_0315 IMG_0326

Today’s photo of the day is taken ’round home — on “our” lagoon. Today was “ibis day” – -as there was a flock of them hanging out on both the golf course, as well as the lagoon edge. They were quite far away – so I decided to walk softly – and get closer:

365 photo #33

And — of course I have one bonus photo … of the entire ibis convention!