For yesterday’s photo of the day, I had a variety to choose from, as, after church, Ray and I took a walk on our “Boneyard Beach”. It was a crystal clear day – though a little cool. I couldn’t figure out what to wear to be comfortable. In retrospect, my new fleece vest would have been perfect, as my fleece jacket was too much.

I traveled with only my 100-400 lens on my camera – determined to find and photograph some wildlife, and there was … some. Yesterday’s photo of the day is the elusive sand piper! They are so quick, and skittish around humans, making them difficult (for me) to photograph. There were groups of them in the water – and groups of them flying in chorus, but here is one that posed for me for a “milli” second – long enough to get this shot! *g*

365 photo #29

And — because I photographed so much more – here are a few bonus photos: (see larger by clicking them)

IMG_0177 IMG_0209
1. Great Blue Heron – on an oyster bed … fishing
2. These shells are everywhere on the beach

IMG_0216 IMG_0207
1. Mitchellville entrance to the beach — that’s Ray in the red
2. sea gulls – galore!

Today’s photo of the day is – again – the wiry squirrel, taken right out of our back sliding glass door. We have so many squirrels, that I suspect there will be many who will make the 365 photo project. This little guy stayed in this position on the tree for quite some time — long enough for me to run to the bedroom – grab my SD card (which was in my computer), put it in my camera, change the lens to the 100-400 mm and go back to snap this photo, and several more! Ray wondered if he was “sunning” himself – kind of like we humans like to sunbathe on the beach!

365 photo #30