Finally it was a crystal clear day today! It was a bit cooler, so the alligator didn’t appear, but the birds were active on our feeders, as well as inside the Camellia bush that serves as a “staging area” for them before and after they land on the feeders. I try to take photos of the birds when I’m outside, but they’re “onto” me – and hide. I don’t much like taking photos through the glass of the sliding glass door, but sometimes my best shot of birds come that way. Even then they are skittish of me even there, but less so.

Today’s photo is a House finch. check out the head of another finch further inside the bush:

365 photo #28

And, today we have two bonus photos – both taken on other days. There was a request for my squirrel photo from yesterday, so here it is, in addition to another taken a few days ago. I call them “squirrelybirds” because I suspect they wish they were birds so they would be more welcome on the feeders! They are cute, but would eat me out of seed if I let them! As always, click any photo to see it larger on my flickr site.

IMG_0136 IMG_0111
1. Squirrel photo taken yesterday on the patio as he surveys the seed that has fallen from the feeders.
2. Squirrel – peeking from behind the tree, as he comes down the tree.