It’s been another warm, humid cloudy, day — for January, anyway. I didn’t have much desire to hang out outside, or even take photos. But – I’m taking this 365 project seriously, and needed a photo. There’s stuff inside this house to photograph, lots of which have a story or thoughts behind it. In fact – as I look around this room where I type, I see that almost everything elicits feelings or memories of some kind. Many potential photographs are everywhere!

This sign lives on the inside of our front door. We do not allow our cats to go outside – especially here in Hilton Head – because alligators live in the lagoon out back, and I don’t want my cats to be a tasty snack for them. I also don’t want my kitties going after my songbirds. I love them both, so they must stay separated. I worry about them getting outside by a visitor or contractor who comes to work in the house. Many people don’t feel the same about cats as we do, thinking they are meant to be outside pets, and will let them out, thinking they are doing nothing wrong. So … when we were at a craft fair a few years ago, we found these signs for sale at one of the booths. It seemed like a cute way of letting our visitors know to be careful with an open door in case there was a cat nearby ready to scoot outside! Not sure it always works, because contractors, in particular, are single minded to their task. Sometimes they simply leave the door open, and are blind to seeing hanging signs or cats who might get out. We still have to be watchful of our own kitties.

365 photo #23