Yesterday was “kitty day” at Chez Sweetmeow. It was time to take Misty and Felix to their annual check up at the vets – always an interesting adventure. Getting the kitties into their pet carriers (without one of them going under a bed where they are nearly impossible to get) takes strategy and finesse. It’s about outsmarting them. We were successful (humans: 1 … kitties: 0), and off we went – on time – to the appointment. It’s always good when Ray is around to help with this endeavor. Thank you, Ray, for being there!

On the way the kitties meowed – separately, and together in chorus. We put them into the car with their carriers facing each other so that they could give each other comfort – but I’m not sure that happened. Meow meow. Meow meow. Interesting to note when the two kitties meowed at the same time how much lower Misty’s meow is from Felix’ meow. It was good that we only had about 25 minutes on the highway with them.

The vet visit was short and sweet – just two shots for each – a quick check of weight and teeth and off we went – back to where we’d started. Felix is not overweight as I’d feared, but is simply a big boned kitty of 14 lbs.! Misty is wiry and petite coming in at a slim 8 lbs. Both both are fine for their body builds.

I thought the kitties would be exhausted for the rest of the day. Instead, they spent much of the afternoon squirreling and birding from the sliding glass doors, which brings me to yesterday’s photo of the day: Felix takes a break from birding to pose for the camera:

365 photo #18

And — here are two bonus photos:

IMG_9818 IMG_9826
1. Misty poses for me
2. Finally the cats curled up together – paws around each other, and licking each other’s neck. Sweet!

Today was crystal clear after a few days of clouds or mixed clouds and sun. It was a perfect day to go to the Whooping Crane Conservancy down the street. This is an area of woodsy marshland that has been designated to remain pristine in it’s original state. A boardwalk has been built so that one can walk through and be in the midst of it all. On the brochure that describes this conservancy, it says that it’s named for this endangered bird (that I love so much!) that may have lived here at the turn of the century. However, I’ve also read (and I can’t find where…) that people, who thought they were seeing whooping cranes, named it after that bird. However, in reality, they were seeing wood storks.

I made the decision to only use my 100-400 mm lens, which limits the type of photos I can take. My reasoning was that I wanted to be prepared for any wildlife shots, and walked through very silently so critters would not scatter. Not much was there, however. I saw a turtle, which disappeared in the water before I could get the camera ready – and a male Downy woodpecker, which is today’s Photo of the day:

365 photo #19

To give you more of an idea about this conservancy, here are the rest of the pictures I took in slide show form.  WordPress won’t  let me embed this – so here’s the link: