“Birds” are the theme of the last two day’s photos

Yesterday I took photos of various birds from inside the house that were hanging out in the camellia bush that’s right by our patio. Sometimes remaining inside is the best way to get close ups of birds there. The only trouble with these photos is that they go through the glass, and are sometimes victim of any dirt spots and / or reflections on the glass. Sometimes adding to the contrast and saturation helps these photos, but they are never the same as they might be if I took them from outside. When blooming, the camellia bush is a wonderful background for bird pictures. The red flowers give it great color! I cannot believe how blessed I am to be able to sit inside our house and watch these birds at such close up range. Today’s photo is of a tufted titmouse:

365 photo #16

Finally today there was a bit of wildlife on the lagoon, although it wasn’t much: just one Great Blue Heron over to the left side of the lagoon. I took a few photos from further away just to make sure I got *something”. Luckily he was very intent on his fishing, and didn’t move as I quietly crept up nearer to him to get some more close up photos. Great Blue Herons, in my opinion are not as skittish as some birds and it’s easier to get photos of them. They are so regal as they stand so still along side of the lagoon.

365 photo #17