Yesterday was another day where I didn’t get out to get a photo. I got caught up doing a lot of boring tasks inside the house, most of which are not worth recounting. Suddenly it was dusk and the light outside was nearly gone. It always surprises me how little light there is this time of year. Because we’re around so many trees, we don’t see all that much sun until around 7:30 a.m., and it’s pretty much gone before 5 p.m. I’m glad the light is increasing now that we’re on the flip side of the solstice. So … before the light went totally away, I snapped a picture (no flash) of one of my favorite oil lights as it sits on our living room coffee table. Yes … it’s in the shape of a starfish – and sparkles both when it’s lit, and when a light is shining on it.

365 photo 14

Today has been busy. I sang in the choir in both services at church in recognition of Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Ray and I then went out for our weekly Sunday brunch at the Plantation Cafe. Then I finally … FINALLY … I got Christmas down. It’s always sad for me to do that, and I procrastinate way too long getting to the task. But — it has to be done as it gets a little embarrassing to STILL have the decorations up should someone stop by (who wouldn’t understand that I secretly would like to leave them up – and enjoy the lights – for a portion of the winter!). Anyway … knowing I might not be done until it got dark, I went out take a picture of the view we have of our lagoon before I began this “de-Christmasing” chore. This will give you a clue as to why I love living here. The view we have from our back yard onto the lagoon is spectacular, whether there is wildlife around or not. We have four sliding glass doors that face the water – and sometimes I spend way too long drinking my morning coffee because I just want to take in the view.

365 photo 15

And — here’s a bonus photo. This is the view to the right of the picture above.