Yesterday the weather was pretty dismal – rain, sometimes torrential for most of the day. There wasn’t much to be said for photography outside, and I was also busy with some obligations that had to be done. So — at the last minute (which often happens with this 365 project) I didn’t have a photo, with little time left in the day to get it. So — I looked around me to see what might be photogenic. Sometimes the simplest things — things you might otherwise pass by — become interesting photos. To me this is the fun of the 365 project: the “forced” exercise of finding photos – and beauty – when you might not think there’s much on a certain day.

On my desk is this clear lucite butterfly box, purchased from Cracker Barrel. It’s small — but the perfect size to put things like earrings, small pendants, or even some photo SD cards when in a pinch. What I like about this little box is that the top is held on more securely with a magnet. I find it interesting how often I come home with stuff from Cracker Barrel. I guess I’d call their merchandise a “cutsie slice of Americana”. I wouldn’t want my entire wardrobe to be entirely from Cracker Barrel, nor would I want my entire house decorated from there, either. I also don’t want my entire diet consist of their food. Yet — occasionally I find something that I really love:

365 #11

The weather was better today and I went out to see if there was some wildlife. Not much there, but I did find one stray Great Egret fishing on the side of the lagoon rather far away from me. There was an osprey fishing not long before, but I missed the photo. It might help if I put the SD card BACK in my camera… :-/

365 #12