I am not abandoning my 365 project just because of my postings about Operation Migration. Photos were still taken!

Yesterday’s photo is one of my “squirrelybirds”, as I sometimes call them. They hang out under my bird feeders to catch stray seeds which make their way to the ground. I have managed to find some good quality squirrel proof bird feeders from Wild Birds Unlimited, so they don’t eat me out of house and home as they were doing prior to that purchase. These feeders work on an interesting concept. They design the feeder to accommodate the weight of the birds who will frequent the feeder. However, squirrels are – ironically – too heavy. Should they jump onto the feeder to eat from it, the metal “cage”, which allows for an opening at each feeder hole falls “down” – closing up those holes to the hungry squirrel. Once the squirrel leaves, the cage returns – via a “spring” – back to it’s normal position where the feeder openings are open for the birds.

I enjoy watching the squirrels, but there is no way I am going to feed them – at least out of the feeders! I know those who feed them – but they are quite the little piggies! 🙂 Yet – I am glad that there are enough scraps from the birds to keep them coming around so I can enjoy them, and they clearly are not hurting for food!

365 photo #9

Today it has gotten cloudy as it’s preparing to rain – probably tonight and some of tomorrow. I went outside to see if there was any wildlife on the lagoon, and it’s so quiet. Where are my aquatic birds hanging out?? So – I went around to the front yard to take a photo of my favorite bush — a sego palm — planted in front of the house! There will be more photos taken of that bush during this calendar year for the 365 project, because macros of those branches appeal to me. This particular photo shows the palm “branch” intermixed with other bushes growing near it.

365 photo #10