For yesterday’s photo, I decided to go outside in our backyard and just stay quiet and wait for a bird to land long enough on either the camellia bush (which is a staging area for the birds before they go to one of our feeders) or another nearby tree so I could take a photo. Sometimes I prefer bird photos when they are in their natural habitat rather than on the feeders I provide. I suspect my difficulty yesterday had lots to do with lack of patience. To get a good bird shot, one has to wait for it — silently, with as little movement as possible. Maybe I need to create some sort of bird blind in my yard to hide behind, although I’m not sure how to do that. Also — Claire suggested that the bright red fleece I was wearing didn’t blend into the environment enough and the brilliant color distracted the birds.

However, I got one shot of a tufted titmouse high up in a tree. I was using my 100-400 mm lens, but the bird still is rather small. I didn’t crop it, but that might have been a good idea.

365 photo #6

Today’s photo was even more difficult to get. I never would have thought so, but ducks can be quite skittish, too. From inside the house where I’m well hidden, I can see them swimming close to the shore near the house.  I grab my camera, sneak as silently as I’m able out the door, and creep down to the lagoon’s edge. Meantime the scared little duckie has scooted under water. When I finally see him, he’s far out, and barely a spot on my camera lens. But — I took a few just to prove I tried…. Not sure what kind of duck this is….

365 photo #7

Wandering around the back yard with my camera can be quite the social experience. A few days ago Claire and I met up with some wildlife lovers who did not live nearby, but had come to check out our lagoon. They stopped to ask us about common bird and wildlife sightings by our lagoon. Today I had a nice chat with our neighbor while she was out watering plants, and it was nice to get to know her better. My friend, Claire and her husband, Terry have left for home. It’s kind of quiet here now…