Yesterday I, again, had not gone out to get a photo. It was cold and windy and I wasn’t in the mood to just hang out. We have our friends, Claire and Terry visiting for this week, and Claire and I just hung out on our computers and watched the lagoon from inside the warm house. So — when I realized I had not taken advantage outside photos, I resorted to one of my favorite inside subjects: my cats!

This is little Misty (sometimes referred to as “Misty Moonlight”!) – all curled up on “The Black Bed”. She had a very watchful eye on me and my camera lens, as she is definitely not a fan of having the “black box” shoved in her face, just so that I can have a photo op. I have to be quick snapping the photo as it doesn’t take her long to turn her head, get up, yawn, get up and lie down with her back to me, or some other avoidance tactic.

365 photo #3

Today I did get outside for some picture taking so I’ll include today’s photo of the day. Across the lagoon from us is a golf course hole. In the very top of the tree right next to the hole is a huge osprey nest. We watch it each season we’re here as they build it, repair it, then they raise their babies in it. There are no eggs or baby ospreys now, I don’t believe. It’s still a bit too early. However for several HOURS, this osprey stood at attention in his / her nest. Not sure what he was doing, but I think he was “visually” fishing. I’ve heard that ospreys have amazing eyesight and can actually see fish under water from great distances. Sometimes I watch the golfers on that hole, and I have never seen ONE person notice the spectacular birds that live just above them while they are playing. Interesting to see how man and wildlife can peacefully co-exist.

365 photo #4