365 Photo #2

Yesterday I didn’t get outside to take photos and found myself at night with no photo taken for my photo of the day. Trust me — this will happen more often than I would like it to, as I’m quite the procrastinator – even when it comes to doing things I enjoy. However, when caught with little time, sometimes I find myself more creative than I might otherwise be. We have guests visiting us this week, and my friend Claire pointed out to me that my glass cat “nicknack” on the end table by the sofa was refracting the light from the Christmas tree. When we looked into the glass, you could see the Christmas tree upside down! I don’t know the scientific reason it appears that way, but I thought it to be an interesting photo. A few years ago Claire had taken a similar picture of their Christmas tree reflected upside down in the top of a glass jar. I thought I’d give that same type photo a try.

It was not an easy photo to take because the room was dark, with the only light in the room being from the Christmas tree. I messed with settings and took a number of experimental photos. Once I chose the best photo, I increased the levels and saturation and lowered the contrast and shadows in my photo editing program. And — by the way — the large lights above the glass cat head are blurred Christmas lights from the tree.

And — one more bonus photo, where I also experimented with settings, as well as some editing afterward: