Already I’m a day behind, as this photo is yesterday’s photo. However, as I said, I will be taking a picture each day for my 365 Project, but, due “life’s interference” I won’t promise always be able to post them on the day they were taken.


This photo is of a neighbor’s house – across the lagoon from us. Besides the reflection of the houses on the water, our lagoon gives us the opportunity to see egrets, ibis, great blue herons, anhingas, cormorants, and other water birds. Occasionally we see ospreys, and two Christmases ago we saw a bald eagle catching a fish, and I caught a rather blurry picture of him doing so!

I love the reflections on a body of water, particularly when the water is still, which was how it was yesterday on our lagoon. I suspect many upcoming photos will include these kinds of reflections. However, it won’t be today, as the weather has made a dramatic change. It’s turned sharply colder with a gusty winds. Yesterday I was wearing sandals and a short sleeved shirt and today it’s a sweatshirt. The lagoon is also very different as the wind is blowing the water in all different directions, which is pretty in it’s own right.