Yes – – it has been a long, long time since I’ve posted here. For one, I have effectively “gagged” myself, fearing I would be too public on the internet. Yet – it wasn’t just that. Though motivated and very much desiring to post, I have struggled to be inspired by much in my life and in my days. I’ve realized, as the days moved into weeks, then months, that I was living my life without much thought, inspiration, or personal revelation, which, in many ways is the heart of blogging – or – that’s how I’ve seen it . I’m sure there were things to say, but the energy that it took to “live”, and sometimes “survive” each day blotted out those things. I admit to being a rather “nervous” person – – fearing failure, and being “good enough”, and other such things. When one is consumed with that, it keeps the joy and interesting observations about life buried behind the fear.

What I need is a jump start – – some “crutch” that would allow me to think on these things. So — today I will be putting this crutch into action. I’m going to re-institute “Photo of the Day”, or, the “365 Project” (and in the case of 2012, 366 project). It’s my hope that each photo will inspire some blog type dialogue about my day, my life, and my feelings about where I am and where I’m going. I cannot guarantee I’ll post each and every day, but the photos will happen each day, and I’ll post them as I’m able, hopefully with a bit of text alongside of them…

But – before I do – allow me to post a photo per month from the year 2011…

IMG_2682 IMG_3597 IMG_3779
January: New Kitties, Felix and Misty on their first night with us – January 7 … with Ray
February: A walk in the Whooping Crane Conservancy and a shot of a great egret
March: A walk in Jarvis Park – and some wood storks

IMG_5358 IMG_5805 IMG_5868
April: John Daly at the Heritage Golf Tournament on a practice round day
May: Back on Long Island and Felix is investigating our pantry
June: A flower at my sister’s house in PA when I went down to see about Mom after she fell and broke her hip

IMG_6690 IMG_7387 IMG_7971
July: Concert at Cooper’s Beach – – a child jumping off the life guard stand!
August: A beautiful view of Kezar Lake, Maine at my sister’s wedding at Pleasant Point Inn
September: Montauk Point Lighthouse – taken from Camp Hero State Park

IMG_8239 IMG_8588 IMG_9477
October: Colorful fall views and foliage – The Blue Ridge Parkway
November: Ray and Jon — after returning home from the Honor Flight / History Channel Vietnam Vet’s trip to Washington DC for Veteran’s Day ceremonies.
December: Christmas tree and hearth – Hilton Head