It’s been a crazy summer, and I admit I haven’t been all that happy in it and with myself as to how I’ve chosen to spend these months.  In short, I’ve lacked organization and motivation.  Quite frankly, I blame it mostly on the heat that was relentless and went on for days with what seemed to be no relief in sight.  I’ve alluded to my lack of tolerance for it a few posts ago.  Nothing excited me about my days, and I spent way too much time holed up in one of our two rooms which have a/c units.  I didn’t get enough sunshine, and exercise, and lacking those things breeds sluggishness and lack of focus.  I guess that pretty much sums it up…

However, there were a few bright spots – and that’s where I’m headed in this blog entry.  I am grateful for our 10 day trip to Kezar Lake Maine in mid July (17-27).  I shared a few photos from that week in my last entry here.  It was our first time there in 2 years, and it was a breath of fresh air (literally!) to finally be back.  The weather was cooler, though still warm for several daily lake swims.  It was also one of the first times Ray and I have been there alone without other family members.  This allowed us to do exactly what we pleased without worry that we’d break some sacred Maine tradition that would somehow send us “straight to hell”.  Of course I exaggerate when saying this, but it’s time that Ray and I forage our own Maine traditions suited just for us.

We had a motor boat ride….

IMG_0041   IMG_0036

IMG_0058   IMG_0068

1.  Out in the main part of the lake headed south to Center Lovell

2.  Inside “north bay” – looking towards the islands

3.  Mountains that can be seen from within north bay – I think that is Evans notch and Speckled Mountain

4.  View of the old Cliffwood boathouse – in shambles.  One of these years it will fall into the lake!  When I was a kid, there were people living there in a house up on the hill – and we used to water ski off that boathouse!  That house has been torn to the ground.

…and a canoe ride down one of the brooks

IMG_0264   IMG_0271   IMG_0313

1.  Purple flowers gone wild!

2.  yellow water lily – and lily pad

3.  white water lily – and lily pads


We also read several books each, especially on the one rainy day in camp.  I like rainy days in camp as long as there is only one.  It’s cozy reading on the porch with the sound of the rain on the roof.  Our meals were simple – and we went out to eat on several nights to a new pub that is there, Ebenezer Kezar Pub in Center Lovell.  Great beer selections there….!

We also took one side trip to Portland.  I’d never been there before – and went to Freeport to L.L. Bean, then to the Portland Head lighthouse…

IMG_0100   IMG_0172

When we arrived at the lighthouse – it was crystal clear.  Then we went into the museum to see – and read – some of the history about the light – and in only 20 minutes a very thick fog appeared!  What a change!

Then we went into Portland to have dinner – on the wharf at DiMillos, a restaurant that was a ferry that had been converted into a restaurant.  It had a great ambiance where pretty much every seat had a great view of the outside.  It was probably what would be considered a tourist trap, but – admit it – we WERE tourists!  Besides – the food was good and the atmosphere was fun.

IMG_6618   IMG_6623

1.  Outside view of DiMillos

2.  Inside view of DiMillos

The weather really began to get bad while we were eating, and clearly a good sized thunderstorm was brewing.  We had a few blocks to RUN to get to our car and we barely made it before the skies opened.  Our trip back to camp was wild – with hail and tornado warnings in all the places where we were.  Later we found out there were some twisters – but we managed to not be there when they were!  there also had been quite a thunderstorm in camp, but we didn’t lose power, nor fry my computer, which had been plugged in while we were gone.

Next entry:  My trip to Atlanta – and a side trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway!