I love this song:

The last two days I’ve been traveling.  Our “winter” in Hilton Head has come to an end, and we are now back on Long Island.  So – while I drove this 900+ mile journey, I listened to Sirius / XM radio “The Blend”.  This song played several times over the course of our two day trip and I became fascinated with it.  Once home, I looked up the words, checked out interpretations of the song, and found several videos of it.  This is the cutest of all the videos I found on Youtube…

I love the music’s special affects, and the words are clever.  I’m sure the meaning of this is different to many who hear it.  To some – probably because of the odd musical sound affects – it may sound like someone is on drugs, but I don’t see it that way.  To me, it’s about the loss of childhood – and maybe innocence.  I have fond memories of playing outside at dusk when the “lightning bugs” would come out, and occasionally I’d catch a few and put them into a jar, though I generally let them free after inspecting them for a while.  It was a time of carefree life and innocence

This music – to me – is wanting the world to slow down.  Life is going too fast, especially now as I watch myself age.  I need to capture a bit of firefly enjoyment and appreciate it in a way I didn’t do back then!